And then we realize we’re less than two months away before the next season of 24 begins.  You know, a lot of loose ends, about Jack’s health for one thing, but it seems we’re all past that–and we’re going into another 24 hours of the stuff we’ve come to expect from Jack Bauer and company.

Here’s what we already know: this season will be set in New York, and will involve Jack (who’s already retired, I must note) stopping an attempt to assassinate President Hassan, who is in the country to broker a groundbreaking deal with President Taylor.

Here’s what the trailer below suggests: Jack finds himself unwittingly sucked into another life-or-death situation, just as he begins to settle down and start a new life with daughter Kim and her daughter, who is perhaps one of the most adorable things I’ve seen on the show.  (“You do not look like a grandfather,” the kid goes.  Ohhh!)

Here’s what the trailer doesn’t show: Katee Sackhoff and Freddie Prinze Jr., who are part of the revived CTU.  But we get to see Mykelti Williamson as the new CTU head, and of course, Chloe.  And the presidents.  And the usual explosions.

And so the countdown begins to 24‘s eighth season, which kicks off with a two-night, four-hour premiere on Sunday, January 17.  But first, the video:

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– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Henrik Batallones

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