Though it certainly has an ending, the previous episode of Supergirl really felt like the first half of a two-parter. Jeremiah Danvers’ betrayal was so big and unexplained that it left fans very much in the lurch. This episode, “Exodus,” clears all that up by delivering a very Alex-focused episode that answers all the questions left from Jeremiah’s actions. It also manages to do quite a lot to wrap up the Cadmus storyline as a whole. It might be only episode 15 of this season, but in many ways, it does feel like a finale.

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One Woman’s Mission for the Truth

“Exodus” begins with Cadmus using their new alien registry to its fullest extent. They waste no time in finding and capturing seemingly every alien on Earth. The rounding up of aliens, whether they look strictly human or not, is incredibly tough to watch. Though Supergirl obviously had this story planned for quite a while, it hits home even harder given recent political events. This episode manages to find something to say about the current world climate without being too preachy or in the audience’s face about it with these alien abductions. 

While all the characters are affected by the abduction, it is Alex that gets the emotional brunt by becoming really unhinged. For those who feel that Supergirl has turned into The Mon-El Show this season, this episode truly gives the lead role to another character. “Exodus” is almost entirely from Alex’s point of view, and it is excellent. 

Alex is struggling with his father’s betrayal, and she really believes that he might be innocent, but no one will listen to her. When J’onn suspends Alex for being emotionally compromised, she realizes that she has to solve this without the DEO or Supergirl. With Maggie by her side (FYI: Alex and Maggie on the run as lovers and vigilantes is a spin-off I would totally watch), Alex manages to find where Cadmus is taking the aliens. She rushes off, determined to get to the bottom of Jeremiah’s actions. 

Danvers, Alex Danvers

Alex’s break-in to the Cadmus HQ is all very James Bond. Chyler Leigh continues to do a wonderful job balancing Alex as a bad-ass secret agent and empathetic heroine. Eventually, Alex finds Jeremiah, who finally explains himself in non-vague, non-supervillain terms. Jeremiah tells Alex that he truly is working with Cadmus to protect his family. Jeremiah doesn’t want to be with Cadmus, but he did manage to convince Lillian Luthor to move away from her plan to eradicate all aliens. Instead, Jeremiah built a space ship that will take every alien on Earth back to their home world. 

Alex is horrified by this forced deportation, reminding Jeremiah that most of these aliens came to Earth fleeing persecution, death and poverty in their home planets. Alex eventually manages to convince Jeremiah that this isn’t the right thing to do. It isn’t how he taught Alex and Kara to live. Jeremiah agrees and quickly works with Alex to stop the spaceship from launching. This reversal is anti-climatic, considering how Jeremiah’s betrayal was treated in “Homecoming” but is certainly more in line with his character.

Jeremiah and Alex are unable to stop the launch. The ship launches, and Alex runs on board to stop it from the inside while Jeremiah is recaptured by Cadmus. It is up to Kara to arrive as Supergirl and literally push the spaceship back into Earth’s atmosphere with her powers. This should be impossible, but the emotions of the feat work really well. The entire time that Kara pushes the spaceship back down, she is urged on by Alex, who is watching Kara inside the ship. This is a really beautiful moment between the Danvers sisters, which Supergirl has been missing as Alex and Kara have started their respective romances.

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Kara’s Life Hits Two Big Roadblocks

While Kara does manage to save the day as Supergirl, as Kara Danvers she suffers a big fat loss. While Alex is doing all her awesome rogue agent action, Kara is trying to get a story published as a journalist. Yes, things are just that boring. After ignoring the plotline for more than half a season, “Exodus” really tries to sway us on the idea that Kara’s true calling is to be a journalist. Kara wants to publish a story about Cadmus being in possession of the alien registry to warn the other aliens. but she has no verifiable sources for this information. Snapper (rightfully) refuses to publish it. 

Kara is just about drop the idea when she runs into Lena, who tells Kara that she should post the article on the Internet as a concerned citizen. This will almost definitely get her fired, but Kara does it anyway because it is the “right thing to do.” Kara, of course, gets fired and her career as a journalist is basically over. I’m not saying Lena is evil, but if Lena was evil, this was some A+++ evil manipulation, 

Kara is upset over losing her “dream job,” so Mon-El does his best to cheer her up. Afterwards, Kara tells Mon-El, quite sweetly, that it may not matter if she isn’t a journalist as long as she has him. On cue, a gigantic spaceship arrives in Earth’s orbit with Daxam’s King and Queen (played by Teri Hatcher and Kevin Sorbo). Though it isn’t outright stated, it is pretty clear they are Mon-El parents and they’re looking for their son and prince. Kara and Mon-El’s happy ending might be over before it begins.

What did you make of the King and Queen of Daxam? Are they the new villains of the season? Did you enjoy this Alex-focused episode? Is Cadmus finally defeated? Are you upset that Kara got fired? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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