24: Legacy really gets going this week with the first big terrorist attack. Amira’s sleeper cell is activated and while there are some bumps (and dead bodies) along the way, their mission is a success and a famous New York City landmark is destroyed.

But that’s not all, because Jadalla gets the upper hand once again thanks to a timely cable news segment and an impossibly convenient and preposterous kidnapping. Most importantly, this episode introduces (and then immediately kills) one of my favorite characters in the history of the franchise: Jenkins, the fat bridge cop. He’s a real American hero.

CTU Searches for the Terrorists

Gabriel’s computer includes fake passports for all the terrorists with an address (how convenient). Carter joins Agent Locke in the mission to take them down. However, cable news reports on the gunfire at Gabriel’s warehouse and Jadalla sees it, giving him and his men time to escape right before CTU storms the hideout. Now I get why President Trump hates the media so much because 24-hour cable news just helped the terrorists.

The Sleeper Cell’s Target
Amira is still torn between her father and brother. Mr. Harris shows up with his chemicals for the giant barrels they’re going to use for their attack. Amira tells him about her dad’s concerns and Mr. Harris suggests that they just leave, abandoning the mission so they can be together.

After the barrel bombs are in the van, Mr. Harris pulls a gun on Khasan. He wants to leave with Amira because he’s still dumb enough to think she really loves him. There’s a brief skirmish and Mr. Harris shoots Khasan. Amira takes a knife and stabs Mr. Harris, killing him. This teenage girl is racking up an impressive body count today. Before Khasan dies, he tells Amira that now she has to drive the van bomb and be the martyr.

Amira gets in the van and drives away, but her dad escapes from his duct tape restraints. He finds his son and Mr. Harris in the garage along with barrels and their target: the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

Attack on the Bridge

The dad calls Amira to try and stop her, but he can’t, He then calls the cops and CTU is informed of the imminent attack on the GW Bridge. Mullins calls up the cop working on the bridge, a fat guy named Jenkins who answers the phone by saying “What’s up?” Jenkins is immediately the best character on the show.

Mullins tells him about the attack and orders him to evacuate the bridge and stop the van, shooting the girl if he has to. Jenkins stumbles out onto the bridge and walks into the middle of traffic, shooting Amira and stopping the van. He inspects the van and sees all of the bombs and the detonator in her hands.

Just as Jenkins is about to take the detonator, Amira wakes up like a serial killer in a slasher film. She pushes the button and the bomb explodes, blowing a giant hole in the middle of the GW Bridge and, most tragically, killing Jenkins. RIP Jenkins, I will never forget you. You were the real hero of 24: Legacy.

Nicole Gets Caught

Since Nicole is too stupid to leave Isaac’s on her own, Carter calls up CTU to go get her. She agrees, though Isaac isn’t happy about it. CTU arrives, but the agents are shot. Nicole and Isaac are taken hostage during a firefight and, of course, the attackers are working for Jadalla. How the hell did he find her?

That giant mystery isn’t explained because at the end of the hour, Jadalla arrives at his new warehouse base with Nicole and Isaac. He calls Carter to tell him about his new hostages and make a demand. He wants Carter to bring him someone who can repair the broken flash drive so he can activate the other 14 sleeper cells (and you just know it’s gonna be poor Andy). Using the wife to extort the hero into doing something? Eric Carter really is the new Jack Bauer, because this is straight out of 24 season 1.

The Senator Wants Out

John’s dad still won’t admit to helping the terrorists, but what he’s protecting is a lost cause. John asks Nilaa to call the party chairman because he’s going to drop out of the presidential race due to all of the drama.

Next week on 24: Legacy: Tony Almeida is back!

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.

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