Ooh Grey’s Anatomy, you’re just starting to get good again.  Don’t blame me, even Entertainment Weekly admitted that the show tanked a little in season 4.  Now, you’ve got Rebecca’s fake pregnancy, Callie’s sexuality, Meredith and Derek’s close working relationship, George’s friendship with Lexie, and many other things to keep me counting the minutes until Thursday nights.  ABC released the episode descriptions for the rest of the season and it sounds like Grey’s will leave us this season with some shocking revelations and storylines that will keep us talking all summer.


On this Thursday’s episode, “The Becoming”, the nurses become fed up with McSteamy’s man-whore ways, and install a “date and tell” policy at the hospital. According to ABC, this leads to some startling revelations. You mean like the fact that Erica and Callie are together? I’m still waiting for it. Meredith and Derek continue to work together on their clinical trial and I’m expecting some more longing moments between them. You know all they really want is to be together! Many Grey’s fans have heard that, on this episode, Callie turns to McSteamy in a time of need but it’s not for what you might think.

The following week, Grey’s gives us the episode, “Losing My Mind”. Alex will learn that Rebecca really isn’t pregnant and I hope the you-know-what hits the fan. That is LOW, Rebecca, and we expect more from you. Didn’t it taint your opinion of her, even a little? Maybe she has a good explanation. Meredith tries to quit therapy with Dr. Wyatt (guest star Amy Madigan) but she won’t let her. Good, because I think I’m going to like having her around Seattle Grace. When the staff gets news of Burke’s big accomplishment, Cristina is forced to face her feelings. Any Sandra Oh screen time is golden so bring it on!

Season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy will end Thursday, May 22nd, with a special two hour finale. In “Freedom”, Meredith and Derek give their clinical trial one last shot at success (which means it doesn’t go well in the previous episode). ABC informs us that Izzie helps Alex care for an ailing Rebecca and I’m intrigued. I have no idea what could be wrong with her, other than she suffers from being a pathological liar. I can’t wait to find out what Rebecca’s deal is. Lexie finds out something huge about George’s status as an intern while the remaining Seattle Grace surgeons with no storyline are busy trying to free a boy from a hardening block of cement. This oughta be good … seriously.

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