We haven’t seen much of Cary Agos, the deputy attorney general on The Good Wife (played by Matt Czuchry) recently — which is a shame, because his serious demeanor and complicated relationships with Alicia and Kalinda in particular have always been one of the show’s highlights. But when Czuchry visited the set of Good Day New York Wednesday, he hinted at some exciting developments in the season’s final two episodes, including “a big professional change” for his stern character.

After lamenting the show’s fickle Sunday 9pm time slot (which is often pushed back due to unpredictable Sunday live events), Czuchry got to the good stuff: his character may be returning to Lockhart Gardener on Sunday – but only maybe. The dapper actor said we’ll have to watch the upcoming “The Penalty Box” (“a big episode for Cary”) to find out for sure. Judging from Cary’s discontent at the state’s attorney’s office (in this week’s episode Alicia told Cary, “you seem unhappy here”) and the preview clip for the episode, it seems there’s a very strong chance Cary is returning to his roots in the private sector.

In the preview Cary asks Kalinda, his former friend with whom there’s always been a complicated chemistry, “is this going to be OK for you?” Clearly, their history is still at play here. This is a good thing – without Alicia’s torn affair with Will, there’s been a distinct lack of romantic tension on the show and Cary’s return could provide just the right dramatic touch for this season’s conclusion.

Good Day New York host Rosannna Scotto repeatedly referred to Czuchry’s character as “cocky,” which is true, but rightly so (Cary is an extremely sharp, effective lawyer, like most of the characters on the show). There seemed to be an assumption that Czuchry himself shared this trait, which the actor tried to dispel (“hopefully I’m less cocky in real life”). This wasn’t too difficult after the host read a segment from the actor’s recently published book Brothers On Life (written with his older brother Mike Czuchry, a psychology professor), in which he shared about the devastation he felt when his agent called to tell him Gilmore Girls was being cancelled (Czuchry played love interest Logan for three seasons) and that he failed to get a desired movie role.

Other than the release of his new book, which is a collection of personal reflections on the universal themes of life struggles and triumphs, and continuing his work on The Good Wife (which has been renewed for a fourth season), the actor said he’s enjoying living and working in New York and hopes to land a movie role in the future – and be “less cocky.”

To catch the preview of the upcoming episode, watch the clip below:

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

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