Scandal season 2 continues on Thursday, February 7 with an episode called “Nobody Likes Babies.” Last week we saw just how far Mellie is willing to go to keep her husband. Last month BuddyTV caught up with Tony Goldwyn (Fitz) and Bellamy Young (Mellie) on the set to talk about this TV couple’s very complicated relationship. 

Fitz may have been suffering from an injury when he asked for a divorce, but don’t think he doesn’t mean it. “That’s a big bomb to drop in the bedroom. But he’s speaks the truth and Fitz is done playing games.” Goldwyn said. 

“It’s a very complicated relationship.”

But Fitz is not without feelings when it comes to his wife’s plight on the show. “It’s a very painful thing to be in love with someone who’s not in love with you. But Mellie is also a very destructive person. She and Fitz; I think they love each other, but it’s a very complicated relationship. I think he has tremendous respect for her and contempt for her as well.” Goldwyn revealed, and that Fitz “loves Mellie, but he’s not in love with her. I think that they have had a great partnership. A couple episodes back, she said to him in a scene in the limo, ‘I was once that girl,’ and then Fitz turns and kisses her and says, ‘I forgive you.’ He loves her soul in that way, but there is too much water under the bridge. You cross certain boundaries and you can’t go back and I don’t think Fitz could ever go back without feeling fundamentally compromised as a man.”

“He will be persistent.”

What about the final scene of last week’s episode where Mellie obviously had herself induced to have their baby early? Will that make Fitz change his mind about the divorce? Goldwyn isn’t sure, “We never know because Shonda never tells us,” he said. “But for the moment it is very much what it appears: Fitz has had a moment of clarity in almost losing his life and he’s done playing games and he’s going to tell the truth and he’s going to stick to it. He will be persistent.” Goldwyn revealed. 

“Mellie will use any resource at her disposal.”

Does that mean that Mellie is going to back down? Don’t count on it, according to Young, Mellie is going to whatever it takes to keep marriage. “Mellie will use any resource at her disposal, and I do mean any. [Fitz asking for a divorce is] a blow to Mellie, but she’s on the long game. She’ll absorb the blow and then she will get to work on erasing that idea from his mind. She’s carrying his child! In the White House! He’s had this near-death experience clarity which she needs to replace with pragmatism and a sense of context.” Young said. 

“Mellie loves this man blindingly.”

I told Young about the debate that some of had on the way to the set and that I was the only one who thought that some of what Mellie did was based on love for Fitz, and not purely about manipulation of his career. In response, Young said, “I am with you. Mellie loves this man blindingly with the course of her being and they’ve had years together of a great partnership; parenting and professionally. It was a terrific partnership and it’s just gutting to watch him find true love with someone else and that brings out a hideous color in her. They are in a terrible moment, but absolutely everything comes from love; the hate, the anger, the pain, it’s all because she loves that man.”

What do you think of the relationship between Fitz and Mellie on this season of Scandal? Do you think that Mellie having the baby early is going to make Fitz waver in his desire for a divorce? 

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