The Good Wife ended its fourth season just about a month ago and already we are getting hints and spoilers about season 5. One bit of intel hints that things might get rough between Will and Alicia, while another bit suggests that things could get interesting between Cary and Kalinda. 

Alicia’s Sabotage and Will’s Anger

First up, there’s Alicia’s decision to go with Cary’s makeshift firm and the fact that it’s going to make Will pretty angry when he finds out. As it turns out, that’s exactly why Alicia did it. 

“That was something that Alicia realized might be a repercussion from the decision to go with Cary,” executive producer Robert King told TV Line. “When she said, ‘I’m in,’ she knew this was going to throw a real monkey wrench into [their] relationship.” 

We know that Alicia wants to try and make things work with Peter and that she wasn’t too proud of herself for letting those pesky feelings for Will come back. Could this be a way to keep them apart for the entire season? If Will is as upset about Alicia’s decision as we think he will be, chances are good that Alicia’s plan will work. 

Surprises in Store for Cary and Kalinda?

In the same article, King also hinted that there are “a lot of surprises” in store for Kalinda-Cary fans next season. We realize that could mean almost anything, but we’re thinking that it’s possible he could be talking about getting those two actually together in season 5. We know that those two have obviously slept together, but how about an actual relationship? Having Cary and Kalinda attempt a relationship while everything else is happening (forming a new firm, people jumping ship from Lockhart Gardner). As much fire as there is between those two already, we think this would fan those flames even higher. 

What do you think now that you’ve heard a little bit about The Good Wife season 5? Do you think Alicia and Will could ever be together? What are your thoughts on the “surprises” in store for Kalinda and Cary?

The Good Wife returns to CBS this fall. 

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV