When The Glades returns for season 4 on Monday, May 27, expect things to get “wackier,” with the FDLE having to deal with some very strange cases. But what fans are most clamoring for is the conclusion of last season’s big cliffhanger — finding out if Callie says yes to Jim’s proposal. BuddyTV visited the set earlier this year and talked with the cast to see if they would reveal anything about the outcome of the proposal and how it would affect Callie’s son Jeff if they do end up getting married.

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A Time Jump and Callie’s Weighty Decision

When asked how The Glades picks up after the cliffhanger, Kiele Sanchez, who plays Callie Cargill, says there is a time jump when season 4 begins. “It doesn’t pick up right at the second that the last episode ended. … You don’t actually get to see my answer.” She went on to say that Jim may understand her character better than anybody else. “I think everyone else around them are a little nervous that she is mulling it over or has any hesitation, and I think that he believes in them and I think also trusts her and her process.”

It sounds like there’s a lot of weight put on her with making this decision. “She’s made so many sacrifices to get where she is, to be in Atlanta and away from her son, and this relationship has been really, really taxing on her as well. … And so this proposal I think is much more complicated for her, and I think that Callie understands all too well that jumping into things and following you heart can maybe not be the best decision always.”

Jim as a Step-Dad?

Matt Passmore, who plays Detective Jim Longworth, assures us his character will “always be the snarky snarkerson.” But expect the evolution of his softer side to continue: “I think we’re seeing an evolution in Jim’s heart, especially to do with Callie. And I think it’s always been the way the show is, and maybe why we forgive Jim a bit for being a prick in the interrogation room is because we see just how different he is around this woman. When the whole cop veneer gets sort of stripped away, the evolution is more on that side.”

Despite the wacky cases we can expect this year, the main angle of the show, according to Passmore, will always be the relationship between Jim and Callie. “Will Callie say yes? And if she does, what is that gonna do?” he teased. “I think Jim’s a good boyfriend, but we’ll see how he goes as a husband.” And if they do become engaged, Jim will have to deal with being a step-father. “I think that’s going to be a work in progress,” he went on to say about him and Jeff. “[The] one thing I’ve always wanted to know is, how does Jeff feel about all this? Jim started out as a mate, and for so long didn’t know he was keen on his mom, so [I] think we’re starting to get into a little bit of that now.”

“[Callie’s] the one that has been thrown out a little bit workwise and always has to be considering Jeff,” he went on to say. “And as a single mom and an independent mom and always a woman that’s always done it for herself, I see the stakes much higher on her end. And I think we’re definitely still going to explore that as the season goes along.”

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Teen Angst

With Callie being a single mother raising a teenager, Uriah Shelton, who plays her son Jeff, shared that even though there will always be that teenage angst (“I mean, I’m a teenager — it’s gonna happen.”), the importance of the relationship between him and his mom will continue to be at the forefront. “You’re definitely going to know that I do love her and I do care about her and I put her before me. So you’re gonna see a more sensitive and nicer relationship develop between us.”

But the possibility of having a step-father may not be an easy ride. According to Shelton, “I still think [Jeff’s] a little wary of Jim. His father just moved out of the picture not too long ago in his eyes and all of a sudden someone’s new coming in and swooping his mom up. And Jeff doesn’t know if he’s going to take her away from him and Jeff’s going to be left alone. I think it is a turning point for Jeff and Jim’s relationship. It could go either way. But I know he likes Jim and I know Jeff thinks Jim’s a good guy.”

The Glades season 4 premieres Monday, May 27 at 9pm on A&E.

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