We know The Good Wife is nearing its end, but fortunately that news hasn’t reached Florrick World. In this episode, “Hearing,” it’s business as usual. Peter’s under fire from the feds, Veronica refuses to take responsibility for her life and there are more shenanigans at the law firm than Lucca can shake a stick at.

Plus, there’s Jalicia, the adorable new couple on the block. Even with all the craziness swirling around her, Alicia’s happier than we’ve seen her in ages.

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Brunch Time at the Florrick Place

It took a while, but Alicia and Jason finally became the Jalicia we’ve waited for. And it was worth the wait. The two try to spend a lazy, lovely Sunday together. They camp out in her apartment, getting, um … intimate (family website here!), taking showers, eating pizza, sharing secrets and ignoring their respective phones and doorbells.

Until Alicia’s mom, Veronica (Stockard Channing), shows up, that is. She’s in tears, demanding to see her daughter. 

So much for lazy Sunday. Veronica’s come to complain about being “Madoffed.” She’s lost all her money to a shady financial guy. Her shame and embarrassment doesn’t keep her from being tantalized by the site of Jason, who’s barely covered in a sheet. Even when Alicia’s brother Owen (Dallas Roberts) shows up, Veronica stops whining long enough to moon over the handsome P.I. in her daughter’s bed. 

Veronica wastes no time in telling Owen that Alicia’s got a “luvvah.” They invite Jason to stay and eat bagels. Alicia can’t win for losing as the doorbell rings again. This time, it’s Eli and Mike Tascioni (with little dog Tommy). They’ve come to discuss Peter’s upcoming grand jury investigation. They want her to show up in court to support Peter. It’s all about the optics.

Doorbell again. This time, it’s a process server with a subpoena for Alicia from the grand jury. 

What Do They Have on Peter?

The next day, we (and Eli) meet the special prosecutor brought in for Peter’s case. He’s named Connor Fox, and he’s played by Glee‘s Matthew Morrison. Much to Eli’s chagrin, he won’t say what they’re going after the governor for. (And much to our chagrin, he doesn’t break into song with Alan Cumming. Admit it  — that would be beyond awesome.) 

Mike’s there, too (still with the dog). As Peter’s lawyer, he reveals bits of strategy, hoping to rattle Fox. Alicia shows up just in time for the grand jurors to see her support her husband. Fox claims that none of this will make a difference, but the jurors seem impressed by her presence. 

David Lee meets with Veronica and Owen about her financial predicament. David calls in Jason to investigate, and it’s all Mom can do to keep her mouth shut about her daughter’s personal life. While Alicia’s still at the courthouse, David and Cary call to ask whether Diane’s approached her about running the firm together. Alicia and Diane haven’t talked, but David (being David) doesn’t believe her. 

Alicia has more pressing things to worry about. The first witness into the grand jury room is Peter’s former campaign manager, Ruth Eastman. She denies making any deals with the prosecution, but when Tommy growls at her, Mike’s convinced that she’s bad news for them. Because who knows better than a yappy little dog?

When a Vent Becomes an Event

Jason goes on the hunt for Gino Davidson, the “Madoff” in Veronica’s case. He finds him pretty quickly. Gino is a combination of personal trainer/day trainer who met Veronica in one of his spin classes. Despite what Mom said, he never promised to double her money. She knew full well that her investment — riverboat casinos — was risky. He seems sincere. 

When Jason calls to explain that Gino was an idiot, not a criminal, Alicia slips into a (unisex) handicap-accessible bathroom in the courthouse. As they phone-flirt, she overhears the grand jury proceedings through a vent. (She’s hearing the hearing — get it?) Alicia realizes she can’t stay to listen, since she has to testify. But Eli doesn’t have that problem.

She pulls him into the bathroom and shows him the vent. Practically the first thing he hears is Fox asking Ruth to talk about … Eli Gold. 

The acoustics are terrible. (Think: hearing “doughnuts” instead of “donors.”) Eli can’t quite make out everything, then has to vacate the room for a person who actually needs to use the restroom. But he thinks it has to do with 2012 and Lloyd Garber, one of Peter’s biggest donors. Mike makes the leap that the investigation may be about corrupt fundraising practices, though neither Eli nor Alicia know what Peter may have done.

FBI Agent Roland Lavin shows up next. At first, he refuses to admit what the investigation is about, but Mike lets it slip that he knows it’s about 2012 and Lloyd Garber. Lavin’s surprised they know anything about that, even the payoff. (Payoff? What payoff?)

Mike says they’re prepared to show that this is a witch hunt. Lavin enters the jury room thinking that Fox is revealing secrets to the Florricks, as Alicia compliments her husband’s attorney for his strategy. Neither of them has any clue about a payoff, but now they know that’s on the table. They agree they need an investigator.

Back at Lockhart, Agos & Lee, the gang can’t get Veronica to admit that she wasn’t cheated. The money’s gone. But Jason’s intrigued when he learns that Mom is a sucker for such schemes. Last year, someone tricked her into giving him her Social Security number. Owen says nothing came of it, but Jason wants to know more. Jason thinks con men may have targeted Veronica.

Alicia returns to the office to discuss Peter’s case with Jason. They agree that it’s a little weird working on behalf of her husband.

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Diane Makes an Offer

Eli finally manages to get back into the bathroom. The sounds from different rooms mingle, but Eli deduces that the investigation relates to something called “Veelock.” Unfortunately, Gold has no idea who or what that is. 

While Alicia, Mike and Eli puzzle over the mystery, Owen and Veronica pay a call to Gino. They “let it slip” that Veronica actually has more money to invest, and Gino suddenly has plenty more ideas for ways to help her out. They giggle over their little (recorded) sting with Jason. 

Mike has an idea: what if it’s not “Veelock” but rather the State of Illinois v. Lock? As Alicia asks Jason to look into 2012 cases by that name, Diane approaches her. They have lunch, just like old times.

Diane says she’s glad Alicia’s “back home.” Alicia wastes no time asking whether Diane wants to take over the firm with female partners. Ms. Lockhart says no — she’s changed her mind on that. But she admits that she wants Alicia to join forces with her to strengthen the firm, which sounds pretty similar. 

Diane explains that Cary’s great, but he’s no Will Gardner. Diane wants someone who can challenge her, who can “outrace me.” She wants Alicia as her partner again. Her plan is to buy Cary out eventually and “sharpen” the firm’s focus. Alicia looks distressed.

Does Cary Hold the Secret to ‘Veelock’?

At the office, Eli stalks in and demands to speak with Cary. He wants to know, “Who was Richard Lock?”

Cary explains that Richard Lock stood trial for murder during Cary’s time in the State’s Attorney’s office. The case ended in a mistrial. The real question is: who paid for Lock’s “amazing” defense team? Cary says there was a rumor that Lock was connected to “someone important.”

Before he can say more, Eli cuts him off. They’ll probably both be subpoenaed now, so the less they talk the better. 

Meanwhile, Jason pays another visit to Gino’s. The P.I. plays the recording from the sting. Veronica may be getting her money back after all.

Back in the office, Alicia and Lucca discuss Diane’s offer. They think the idea of an all-female partner firm is good, but they both like Cary. (Alicia also slips and says “Jason” when she meant to say “Will.” Lucca catches the mistake immediately.) So — should Alicia go with Diane or tell Cary and David about Diane’s offer? 

Lucca says, “Tell Cary.” (No mention of David, though.)

Back home, Alicia and Jason pick up where they left off. Until the doorbell rings. It’s Veronica again — but this time to thank Jason. They keep cuddling as Mom keeps ringing the bell.

Summary Judgment

Since we’re at T-minus-7 on The Good Wife‘s final episode, I’m happy to say that “Hearing” played more like “Lucky 7.” The race to the end is picking up speed, with gratifying results.

A few examples: we’re closer than ever to learning why the feds are after Peter. Diane’s making her move to consolidate power at the firm. (Poor Cary! It’s still true — Diane always liked Alicia better.) Veronica and Owen had their moment in the sun (not sure we’ll see much more of them). Mike Tascioni is just as eccentric and sly as his ex, Elsbeth (who knew?). And Jalicia is really a thing. A very cute thing. 

I have to give props to the producers, writers and actors for giving it their all in these final episodes. I may be one of millions of fans still in denial about the show’s impending end, but I can’t complain about this part of the journey. Are you all with me? 

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights at 9pm on CBS, for six more weeks (sob!).

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