If you weren’t already aware, the long-standing theory that someone on Pretty Little Liars has a twin has been confirmed by I. Marlene King a couple of times on Twitter. The theory derives from the book series which Pretty Little Liars is based on, in which Alison has a twin named Courtney DiLaurentis who fell under Alison’s torment at one point during high school. Though this path was not explored in the show, creator I. Marlene King still plans to include a twin in season 6. Let’s discuss who in Pretty Little Liars could most likely have a twin.

If you’re not convinced a twin exist, here is undeniable proof from the King herself:

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Sara Harvey

PLL-Sara-Harvey-Twin.gif Sara has been running around town and sneaking out of Radley behind everyone’s backs. Though we found her mysterious lair, we still have no answers about it. Sara has been a mystery since we first met her. She’s very untrustworthy and we never really know if she’s looking out for herself, out for revenge, or protecting the girls. Okay, we can pretty much guarantee it’s not the last one. However, in addition to the hole in her hotel room wall, her ability to be in so many different places can also be explained by the twin theory. We never really found out why she was so attached to Charlotte in the first place. What caused her to be kidnapped by her and then to switch her allegiances to her. None of it really added up and we still don’t have definitive answers. It’s not iron-clad, but it’s possible that, since we know there are two people plotting here, that Sara is working with her twin to avenge Charlotte against the Liars.

Aria Montgomery

PLL-Aria-Mirror.gif Aria has been spotted as fitting the description for the “brunette on the phone” at the Two Crows Diner from which the call to Charlotte was made. We don’t know who it was that gave the description (though Aria suspects Sara), but it does fit Aria. She’s on the top of the suspect list with the police, so there’s got to be something to that. We’d like to think we know Aria wouldn’t have anything to do with this, and the texts she’s been receiving support that. Could Aria have a long-lost twin running around that she doesn’t know about? Anything’s possible in Rosewood…

Jason DiLaurentis

Jason-Dilaurentis-Twin.gif Jason hasn’t been around at all this season. He didn’t come home for Charlotte’s funeral (though, who could blame him) and hasn’t been back to support his sister at all after everything she’s been through, good and bad. She’s even married now and he hasn’t shown up. We already were given one extra DiLaurentis that we didn’t know about with Charlotte, is it possible that they had yet another child which mysteriously disappeared? It would definitely fit the characteristics of the new “A” — someone being escorted around in a limo and visiting Charlotte’s grave does seem like it would be a DiLaurentis. Since Jason wouldn’t want anything to do with Charlotte, it could be another DiLaurentis who feels for Charlotte, having also been abandoned by this family. It would definitely explain their need to avenge her.

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Melissa Hastings

melissa-hastings-1.gif Back on the “brunette suspect” angle, this same description which got Aria also fits Melissa. Since the witness didn’t seem to have a clear depiction on height, Aria is still in the running, despite being substantially shorter than everyone. Anyway, there’s been a lot of suspicion around Melissa as of late, and with lots of good reason. However, we recently found out from papa Hastings that a lot of Melissa’s strange behavior can be accredited to the fact that she’s been receiving anonymous threats about Charlotte herself. This could explain her random disappearances from town and lessen suspicion around her. However, if there’s a twin running around Rosewood, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to the story that she be someone in the Hastings camp? With Veronica’s campaign and the recent scandal, the last thing this family could use right now is any more controversy around the Charlotte case. Making it appear that Melissa is involved in some way is exactly the kind of maniacal plan you could expect from an evil twin.

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