Mike Ross has been a fraud since the beginning of the series. On Suits Season 5 finale, “25th Hour,” someone is going to prison for that crime. Will it be Mike? Or will someone else end up paying the price for his prosecution?

BuddyTV spoke to Executive Producer Aaron Korsh to get the scoop on the finale. He reveals that someone will go to prison, the strength of the firm family, the guest stars who will be returning, and why Mike took the deal.

We also have an exclusive sneak peek of Harvey and Rachel’s reaction when they find out Mike took the deal.

The promo says that someone is going to prison. Is that true?

The first half of the season was building up to Mike getting arrested and the second half of the season is the fall out of that arrest. Our people are fighting tooth and nail to try and stop it from happening. … Finally in [Episode] 15, Mike cuts a big deal and [Episode] 16 is about once again pulling out all the stops to keep it from happening. And, the question is– and someone is going to go to prison over it, but the question is: Will it be one of the people we care about or one of the people we don’t.

The firm has shown that they are one big family this season. There have been threats along the way. How important was it for you that they remain strong through this ordeal?

Suits at its heart is a show about loyalty and sort of a corollary to that about a family. I think that families can sometimes have feelings of disloyalty to each other and have disloyal impulses but hopefully in order to stay together and survive as a family. They sort of overcome those lesser impulses and ultimately stay together. To me, the people in Suits are a family. I didn’t want them to lose this thing by betraying each other basically. I guess the answer is it was pretty important to have them not turn on each other.

On the guest stars returning in the finale

Robert Zane is not done with his reaction to discovering that Mike Ross is a fraud. He’s not finished with his backlash. As a result of that, Katrina and Louis are going to get roped into some shenanigans in the finale. We’re also going to see someone else who may have a vested interest in whether or not Mike and Rachel get married. We also haven’t seen the last of Jack Soloff who has been a big part of Season 5. He has a little role in the finale also.

Mike went to Anita Gibbs to make a deal. What’s the primary driver of him making the deal. Is it fear, the desire to protect his friends or a combination?

I think it’s a combination. I’m hoping that fans will realize that based on who Mike is and everything we’ve seen up to now, I hope we know which deal Mike took. I won’t say which one it is, but I hope we know which one. The deal that he did take– obviously to take either deal, he has to have some concern that he’s going to be found guilty. If he didn’t have any fear or concern about that he wouldn’t have to take any deal, he’d just let the thing go to verdict and everything would be fine.

Having said that, he also has some instinct for protection. The question is: Is the protection for himself or for his fellow co-workers? And hopefully, we’ve convinced people of who Mike is enough for them to know which deal he would take.

Check out a sneak peek of Harvey and Rachel’s reaction to Mike taking a deal.

Suits airs Wednesday at 10pm ET on USA.

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