True, this promo for The Office uses no new footage from the upcoming season — footage that, if we could just see it, might help the Sherlocks in our midst figure out which worker is the new regional manager before the show’s September 22 premiere.

But the promo still gets me excited for season 8 for two important reasons:

One, its montage of Spader moments from last season’s finale reminds me why we were all giddy about his guest spot back in May. Man, James Spader is a great actor. By now we all know he’s not the new manager, but the new gig they’ve carved out for his character sounds like an even better fit, and I’m pretty stoked that we get to watch him do his thing in 15 episodes this season.

Two, the promo promises that we’ll finally learn who IS the new regional manager in this season’s premiere! It says so, right there at the end. WATCH:

(There’s also this new promo, but it’s very similar in that it also contains no new footage and attempts to mislead us as to who is the new manager. But it DOES have a classic Daryl moment.)

By the way: Remember that guy? That guy who vacated the regional manager position in the first place, and that’s what all this speculation and hullabaloo is about, but we could never be mad at him for that because he gave us so many good years and good memories? That guy? He was on Conan last night, and good news: He’s still as charming as ever.

Watch Steve Carell, aka Mr. Cautious, comes on to Conan’s show to test out whether he wants to come on to Conan’s show:

Did you see Crazy, Stupid Love yet? I did! I thought it was pretty funny and it genuinely surprised and delighted me several times. BOOM, there’s your review.

Still not sure whom you’d like to see take Michael Scott’s old gig? About a year ago we laid out the scoop on the job’s big contenders and, for the most part, they still hold up:

(Image courtesy of NBC)

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