The Vampire Diaries continues to add familiar faces to return in its final episodes, and it sounds like yet another Gilbert is coming back. Actor David Anders (who plays Elena’s biological father who she once thought was her uncle) sent out a teasing tweet about some upcoming travel plans that has TVD fans reeling. Find out all the details below.

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David Anders recently tweeted that he’s heading out to Atlanta, where fans know The Vampire Diaries is being shot. Though he didn’t confirm that he is in fact going to shoot an episode, he suggested that his followers “do the math.”

With Nina Dobrev’s recent announcement that she’ll be back for the finale, could her return coincide with Anders’? John Gilbert met his end when he sacrificed himself to save Elena’s life in season 2. The details surrounding how this character could come back vary, given that he did return once before as a hallucination, but a resurrection could very well be in the cards, too.

This isn’t the first time the actor has hinted at his desire to return to the show, though it is the first time there seems to be any traction to it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Anders said, “I lobbied [showrunner] Julie [Plec] to bring him back. I was like, ‘You don’t have to pay me, just let me come back to Atlanta and play with everyone.’ She’s like, ‘Uncle John didn’t have any supernatural powers.’ I was like, ‘He had a ring that brought him back from the dead, that’s pretty supernatural!’ She was like, ‘Yeah but that was just jewelry.’ So I gave up on coming back to the show. What do we got, 10 episodes left? Alright, I’ve got 10 episodes to get John back in the fray.”

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