The NCIS: Los Angeles team has learned that Heather was working for the CIA, but even though Granger is in the hospital and Sam, Callen and Deeks have all been arrested by different agencies (DEA, ATF and LAPD), the mole isn’t done yet.

In “Under Siege,” Hetty goes rogue, leaving the team completely in the dark, and the mole kidnaps one of the agents.

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Watch the promo for “Under Siege”:

It begins with some ominous words from Hetty: “The wolves are here for all of us.” But at least it looks like the team isn’t going to be stuck in interrogation rooms and cells for long. However, there is a big problem: Kensi is kidnapped.

Check out a sneak peek of Callen still in ATF’s custody:

Callen does a pretty good job of lulling ATF Agent Morgan into a false sense of security. He offers to tell him anything (as long as he doesn’t tell anyone he confessed), but the moment Morgan accepts his handshake, Callen makes his move and grabs his gun. After that, Morgan wants him in full restraints.

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See what those who haven’t been arrested or stabbed (or gone rogue) are up to:

Kensi, Eric and Nell hit the armory, and Eric, of course, is all about grenades. They don’t have hand grenades, so he goes for his flashbangs. He did, after all, save Kensi’s life with one, as he reminds her. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good idea for him to have them or not; what they have to do is move.

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