The Fosters season 2 picks up shortly after last season’s complicated, but joyous finale when Jude’s adoption was finalized and Callie’s was put on hold. The premiere, “Things Unknown,” shows that life isn’t all good or all bad, instead it’s definitely a mix of both.

Spoiler alert: This article contains The Fosters spoilers and clips. 

Jude’s a Foster Not a Foster!: Jude’s officially a Foster. He’s left his foster kid status behind and is not only legally part of this family, but has the paperwork to prove it. Jude’s wish for a stable home has finally come true, though it’s difficult because Callie’s adoption fell through.

Callie’s Not As Lucky: Callie wasn’t able to be adopted after she found out she has a different father from Jude. It will be a struggle for her going forward when her biological father gets involved. Her cozy life with Jude and the Fosters is threatened.

Brandon’s a Mess: Oh, Brandon! His brilliant abilities as a pianist could be over after he was attacked and his hand was crushed. He has to deal his physical recovery, he’s also dealing with the aftermath of having sex with Dani.

Love Troubles for Jesus: Emma and Jesus seem to have a great relationship going … until they don’t. It’s difficult for them to date each other while both being on the wrestling team. It’s bigger than being a third wheel when a whole team is involved.

What Happened to Ana?: Stef wants find and keep track of Ana, but Mike is adamant that she leave it alone. It’s still unclear where or what Mike did that night. Is he protecting himself or Stef and the kids?

Check out a sneak peek of Stef and Mike’s conversation about Ana:

Callie’s Father: During The Fosters season 2, Callie’s biological father, Robert Quinn, will show up and she finds out that he didn’t abandon her. Quinn will be played by Dawson Creek alum, Kerr Smith.

Mysterious Girl: Bailee Madison (Trophy Wife) will be playing a mysterious girl from Callie’s past in a recurring role. Could she be a sister? Someone from juvie? ABC Family is keeping the role a secret for now.

The Fosters airs Mondays at 9pm ET on ABC Family.

(Image and video courtesy of ABC Family.)