Suits season 4 opened up with personal and professional battles brewing. In “One-Two-Three Go…,” Mike and Harvey struggle to adapt to their new professional relationship, which threatens their business arrangement. Meanwhile, an outside force is determined to take down Pearson Specter.

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Sex and Romance

Scottie may be gone, but Harvey’s not hurting in the companionship department. He’s spending his nights and mornings with a gorgeous woman. I don’t expect her to stick around though, since we didn’t even get her name. I hope he at least knows it!

Harvey stuck around for “breakfast,” but the same can’t be said of Jessica. She snuck out of her new man’s place while he was in the shower. It’s nice to see that she’s enjoying herself outside of the office, but unlike slacker Harvey, she made it to the office on time. 

Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel are as adorable as ever. Despite their busy schedules, they find time to spend with each other. Mike’s new limo certainly helps. The couple that rides together stays together, right?

Investment Banker Mike

Mike is desperate to land a big deal in his new job, but he has an unconventional plan. Instead of a hostile takeover, he wants to work with the target company’s CEO, Walter Gillis, to make it happen. Walter resists Mike’s plan initially, but that doesn’t discourage Mike.

Not only does Mike have a limo, he has his own assistant (he picks up lunch for her?), and an office. He’s hit the big time. Mike still has a boss. Jonathan Sidwell has shades of Harvey in him, when he tells Mike to “get his head out of his ass” and says the Suits catch phrase, “God damn it.”

It isn’t going to be smooth sailing for Mike. His unorthodox approach to taking over Gillis Industries isn’t making him any friends and causes a huge strife between Mike and Harvey.

Mike vs. Harvey

Mike is no longer Harvey’s underling associate and Mike’s out to prove his independence. Their relationship takes a nosedive when Harvey ridicules Mike’s idea and dismisses the proposal without even considering it. Mike holds strong and tells Harvey, “This is happening whether you like it or not.” They play a high risk game of Tug-of-War and both end up losing.

Contrary to Donna’s advice, Harvey gives Rachel the day off to send a message to Mike and it backfires big time. He puts Rachel in an awkward position personally and professionally. Even worse, he upsets his former associate.

Mike pushes back hard and puts Pearson Specter in review. Whether Mike intends to go through with switching lawyers or not, that decision ends up costing them both. What initially appears to be a power move turns into a legal problem for them.

Harvey comes around on Mike’s plan to acquire Gillis Industries, but it’s too little too late. By that time, Harvey’s legally required to assist Logan Sanders in his hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. 

Let the best man win! Unless, of course, there’s a way for both Mike and Harvey to come together and win, rather than fighting to the victory….

Vengeance Delayed

Eric Woodall isn’t ready to let Pearson Specter off the hook and he’s going to use an SEC investigation to harm the firm. The problem with his plan is in his choice of investigator, Jeff Malone.

Instead of using his legal prowess against Pearson Specter, he wants to leverage it into a job at the firm. More money, more prestige, and … working for his lover, Jessica. Oh la la! That’s going to be interesting.

As soon as Jeff walked into the office, I was pretty sure he was Jessica’s lover. That’s just the kind of complication that makes Suits so much fun. With Scottie gone, it’s time for Jessica to muddy the personal-professional waters a bit.

Woodall won’t be stopped by losing his top investigator, but it will give the firm some time to prepare for the coming battle. They know it’s coming and they have a top-notch legal eagle on their side.

Poor Louis

With Jeff’s addition to Pearson Specter, Louis will be devastated. He makes the wrong decision to keep the information about the SEC investigation to himself. He takes Harvey’s bad advice about a different situation and it costs him big time.

Louis and Katrina are so perfect together. With Harvey and Mike’s relationship soured, it’s a pleasant relief to see these two bantering and planning their rise together. Of course, it all falls apart this time, but they have each other. 

When Louis finds out the full extent of his mistake, he’ll need someone to lean on and Katrina is just the person to help him. She knows how to bring out his happy side. She may not be enough to stop his expected tailspin, but just maybe she’ll be able to help.

Best Bits

Even though the episode involved a lot of manipulation, fighting, and miscalculations, there were some great individual moments and surprising reveals. Here are a few of the noteworthy moments: 

  • Harvey’s harsh treatment of Logan turns around with a few movie references. 
  • Katrina makes a business card for Louis with “Litt” as part of the firm’s name.
  • Jessica walks into Malone’s office and calls him out for showing up at her firm. 
  • Best Moment: When Jessica tells Harvey about her personal relationship with Jeff Malone and then asks if Harvey’s picturing her naked and he answers, “Maybe. Yes.”
  • Mike promises he won’t sell out Gillis and the CEO agrees to work with Mike.
  • Rachel reveals that her affair with a married man was with Logan Sanders. Wow!

Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm ET on USA.

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