In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “A Problem of Memory,” a broken-hearted Simon indulges his killer instincts and ends up being chased by the cops, while Magnus’ dark past come to light with some help from Alec. Elsewhere, Valentine is being prepped for transfer to Idris but escapes with some help from his biological son, Sebastian.

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Simon is on the Run

Simon is brooding over Clary’s true love’s kiss and finds friendship in one of his daylighter supporters who takes him to a breeder den, which is essentially the Shadowhunters version of True Blood‘s Fangtasia. Though he has a moral quandary over feeding from a human, Simon ultimately gives in to his most innate vampiric desires. Alec is trying to get Valentine transferred from the institute to Idris with Jace and Isabelle running point. Though Clary should help, she stays back, stewing in denial over her heart choosing Jace over Simon, and chooses to attempt to fix things with Simon. Simon forces Clary to confront her feelings for Jace, and though she does her best to convince him otherwise, Simon tearfully breaks up with Clary.

The morning after Simon indulges his impulses and subsequently blacks out, the girl he fed off of turns up dead, with his DNA all over her. Sebastian has taken it upon himself to investigate the hit ordered on Valentine, the same hit he may or may not have orchestrated himself, all while his cousin magically appears at the institute to investigate his disappearance. Sebastian retreats to his apartment and takes his hostage out of the locked room, resulting in a face-to-face confrontation between Sebastian and his twin — or someone who looks exactly like him.

Luke goes to investigate the murder and first turns to Clary to try and find out about Simon and his whereabouts, and she naturally decides to help in the hunt for Simon. Simon turns to Raphael for help, though he agrees that it comes at a cost, with Raphael wanting to know how he became a daylighter. While Sebastian tries to dissuade his cousin from further investigation, Doppel-Sebastian breaks free from his captivity.

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Simon is Proven Innocent While Sebastian Gets More Guilty

Simon goes to the scene of the crime to try and jump his memory but is quickly found by the cops. On his way to the precinct, Simon learns that Heidi died by wounds to the feet — stereotypically anti-Vampire wounds — and escapes from the back of the police car. Sebastian comes home to find that Doppel-Sebastian has broken free and is roaming the streets of New York. Simon jets back to the breeder bar to find Quinn, his daylight supporter, snacking on another’s girls foot, proving him to be Heidi’s murderer. 

What ensues is a battle between Quinn and Simon that Clary, Luke and Raphael interrupt midway through. Right as they enter the club, they find Simon staking Quinn to death, with multiple vampire bystanders standing by in shock. Magnus, who has been quite absent as of late, is having traumatic revisions of his childhood trauma, which puts him at emotional odds with Alec, who just wants to help him. Magnus seems to have some form of PTSD from Valentine invading his body and, as a result, he has been replaying the night of his mother’s murder since being back in his own skin. The emotional catharsis brings them closer together, with Magnus finally letting someone in. Just as Sebastian’s cousin is about to leave, Doppel-Sebastian encroaches on the institute but not before Sebastian brutally stabs him just mere feet from his escape. 

Reeling from the events of the past two days, Simon turns to his best friend, Clary, for help. Though he still loves her as both a girlfriend and a friend, Simon says he doesn’t want to lose Clary, but he does need some time away from her. Jace and Isabelle take Valentine through the portal to Idris. But somehow, during his transfer, Valentine escapes and is brought to none other than Sebastian. As Valentine stares eye to eye with Sebastian, the latter transforms into a burned body who just simply says, “Hello, Father,” showcasing that Sebastian isn’t who he says he is, but he is Valentine’s son and Clary’s brother.  

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