With Barry Allen in prison, The Flash calls on Ralph to stretch himself (pun intended) and become a hero in “The Elongated Knight Rises.” Both men feature prominently as a result — and both make a lot of mistakes. Does Barry or Ralph screw up more?


Team Flash seems to think that Ralph begins the episode by screwing up. Sure, if Ralph had not been able to absorb a major bomb blast, lots of people might have died. But he did absorb the bomb, and the worst casualty is Ralph’s ugly super-suit. The bigger mistake may be that Ralph spends much of his spare time antagonizing the team. Also, Ralph doesn’t know what kryptonite is. There are hardly any greater screw-ups in the hero world than that.

Similarly, in the realm of more important mistakes, Ralph somehow does not realize that he can be killed. He gets a nasty acid burn as a result.

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There is no prison that can truly contain Barry, which means that incarceration is not enough to stop the Flash from screwing up. We first see evidence of this while Barry sits mournfully inside his cell, counting the days with tally marks on the wall. He draws them wrong (everyone knows you cross the vertical lines when you get to five!) 

Barry’s prison life has far more mistakes than that though. Out amongst the general population of bad guys, Barry quickly draws the attention of a bully by splattering him with mud. The erstwhile hero then is seen talking to Joe in the hallway — avoiding talking to cops is Prison 101 — and visibly has a friendly relationship with the warden.

A final screw-up happens midway through the episode when Iris wants to hold Barry’s hand but is stopped by glass. As is made evident by the end of the hour, Barry can vibrate through such barriers whenever he wants and totally could have comforted his wife.

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Other Mistakes

While Ralph and Barry screw up the most in “The Elongated Knight Rises,” a few other characters have mistaken moments too. The villainous trickster Axel Walker has his failings — as you would expect for the bad guy — most notably when he eats bad pudding and then later has a lot of trouble killing Ralph.

Later on in the episode, Caitlin and Cisco both screw up when facing the young Trickster and Mommy Prank. They, like everyone else, manage to underestimate the bad guys because of the funny business. Then they get caught. Oops.

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Is Ralph or Barry the bigger screw-up in “The Elongated Knight Rises”? Does anyone else make more mistakes? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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