It wouldn’t be an episode of How to Get Away with Murder without a few twists, and while it wasn’t the craziest episode to date of the show, the winter premiere did have a few wild moments.

But did the biggest OMG moment of “He’s Dead” involve someone who’s not actually dead, someone who did die or someone who is definitely dead?

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The Death That Didn’t Actually Fix a Problem

You would think that a murder would easily be the craziest moment of an episode, but in this case (and really, on this show), it just doesn’t necessarily make the cut. Is anyone actually surprised that Frank decided to take matters into his own hands, grab Dominic, question him about the hard drive, and then, when the other man taunted him about Laurel, snap his neck?

Considering Laurel’s father has her baby, it wasn’t the smartest move to kill a guy working for him. Does anyone actually think her father won’t find out what happened to Dominic? As Laurel put it upon finding out what Frank did, “tell me you wouldn’t be that stupid.” Sure, the murder was shocking — as most tend to be — but in this case, it was more stupid than OMG.

(But hey, this was at least good news for Oliver, whom Dominic was trying to track down when Frank grabbed him. But should we assume this means Oliver’s safe from whatever Dominic — or Laurel’s father — might have had planned for him, or was this just foreshadowing him being at the center of an OMG moment later in the season?)

The Death That Introduces Another Mystery

After killing Dominic, Frank went through his phone and found a voicemail from Wes the day he died: “It’s Christophe. I’m in trouble. We all could be. Call me as soon as you get this.” This was clearly supposed to be a “wait, what?!” moment, considering it’s what the episode ended on, and yes, it was surprising and mysterious, but it wasn’t the wildest moment of the episode, not just because we don’t quite know what it means yet, but also because of what else happened in “He’s Dead.”

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The Death That They Think Would Help Them

Considering Michaela and Oliver claimed Simon was stressing about his immigration status, was a thief, had the gun, and shot himself in their statements to detectives, the last thing they needed was someone who could contradict their story, especially if that person is Simon himself.

But that shouldn’t have been a problem, right? After all, he did accidentally shoot himself in the head. Wrong. Somehow — probably just because this is How to Get Away with Murder and they didn’t have enough problems, lying to the police with Asher arrested and his prints on the gun, not to mention everything else going on — Simon survived.

The craziest part isn’t Connor’s suggestion that they send Frank into his hospital room with a pillow. At this point, what else do you expect from this group? The craziest part of the episode is that while Asher argued, “I’m pretty sure I saw his brains,” meaning he thinks “he’s not going to be able to say much if he does wake up,” it’s possible that Simon could wake up and somehow let the authorities know what really happened or at least give them reason to look even deeper into the events of that night (and perhaps more?). At the very least, this should have everyone scrambling for a while to make sure that their secret isn’t at risk of getting out. 

What do you think the biggest OMG moment of the winter premiere was?

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