Grey’s Anatomy is, impressively, in the middle of season 14. Yet the show isn’t slowing down at all. After the winter premiere, which saw the return of Jo’s abusive husband Paul (and saw him getting run over), the season will continue to heat up. There are big and possibly long-awaited events ahead for Grey’s Anatomy in season 14.

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More to Come on Jo’s Mysterious Past

Obviously a big part of season 14 will be spent exploring Jo’s relationship with Paul and what exactly her life was like before she showed up in Grey’s Anatomy season 9. While the show has been pretty tight-lipped on Jo’s past before, more will come out. Camilla Luddington explained in an interview with TVGuide that answers are coming on Jo’s life with Paul (and before Seattle Grace in general).

“There is a particular episode that comes up later this season where we do get more of a glimpse into perhaps what Jo’s life was like,” Luddington explained. However, before fans get too excited Luddington does warn that there will be wait for the episode. It’ll occur sometime in season 14 but it won’t be for “a little while.”

However, it sounds like the exploration will be worth the wait. Luddington’s specific wording makes it seem as if the episode will be a flashback episode or at least have several flashbacks in it, devoted to Jo’s old life.

Jesse Willaims to Direct Standalone Arizona Episode

Jo won’t be the only character getting a focused episode in season 14. An upcoming season 14 episode will be a huge one for two members of the cast, behind and in front of the camera. Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson Avery, will make his directorial debut in an upcoming episode. The episode is also set to be centered around Jessica Capshaw‘s Arizona. 

The announcement was made by both actors who interacted over Twitter, expressing excitement for the big event. It’s unknown what exactly the episode will entail. According to Capshaw, William’s directing debut will be considered an Arizona standalone episode. There’s a pretty good chance that it will involve Arizona’s current on-again and off-again romance with Carina. 

Teddy Returning to Romance Owen?

While some fans might be looking forward to an episode devoted to Arizona, particularly if Carina is involved, that’s probably not the most exciting potential romance brewing in season 14. TVLine reports that Kim Raver is returning to Grey’s Anatomy for a season-ending arc. After last being seen in season 8, Raver did reprise her role at the start of season 14 while Owen dealt with the craziness of the return of his sister, Megan. 

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Little is known about Raver’s return this time around but it does sound like it’ll be more involved. This is particularly interesting because it’ll be the first time that Owen and Teddy have both been single in a very long time. While the two characters have had a long-held interest in one another, it’s never progressed beyond friendship. Now that might change. 

The only complication is that Raver will have to balance her Grey’s Anatomy return with a recurring role on Designated Survivor. It would seem tricky, if not impossible, for Raver to appear as Teddy on Grey’s Anatomy on regular basis, as Owen’s girlfriend, and still manage her commitment to Designated Survivor, even though Grey’s Anatomy and Designated Survivor do air on the same network. Whatever does happen, it’s doubtless that the sexual tension between Owen and Teddy will be explored in some way. 

Are you excited for the end of season 14? Do you want to see Teddy and Owen get together? Could that happen or will her return be about something else entirely? What do you want to see in the Arizona episode? What answers are you dying to hear about Jo’s past? 

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