In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Thy Soul Instructed,” Jace begins to realize that he is missing parts of his memory due to Lilith and tries to keep everyone in the dark by figuring it out on his own. Elsewhere, Raphael’s vampire hostage breaks free and seeks revenge, but Clary and Izzy track her down before she can end Raphael.

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Jace Continues Being Lilith’s Puppet

Lilith is still using Jace as a vessel for revenge when she regales the time Valentine asked her for her blood to make a loyal sire in Jonathan, who, with his final breath, called out for his mother. Though he meets with Lilith, Jace returns back to the Institute and snaps out of his haze, unable to remember anything. Clary wants Jace to go see someone because she knows it’s something bigger than Jace just needing sleep. Alec picks up on Jace’s sketchy behavior too and cites his mother’s suicidal tendencies and mental health issues for his sudden spike in concern.

When meeting with Lilith again, Jace is able to break free of his commands due to his love for Clary but still remains somewhat under her spell and contemplates giving in and killing a mundane that the Institute has in custody. Infiltrating the instituted, a bewitched Jace disguised as The Owl kills the human from within her cell and walks away with no one any the wiser. As Alec, Magnus and Clary run to her cell, they see that she isn’t dead but, in fact, free of her demonic possession, most likely due to The Owl/Jace. Jace awakens again, with no recollection of his last couple of hours, and is convinced that he is going insane. As Jace goes mental, Lilith finally comes face-to-face with another member of the inner circle: Magnus. 

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Raphael’s Hostage Breaks Free

Raphael’s hostage breaks free and roams around, attacking innocent people for blood. Izzy and Clary take it upon themselves to hunt for the rogue vampire, who, unbeknownst to them, has a connection to Raphael. The rogue vampire finds herself in Simon’s old apartment, right next to a pack of werewolves. While there, Raphael finally tracks her down and tries to stake her, but she drugs him before he can win the fight.

Raphael is chained to the roof, stripped almost to the bone, forced to wait until the sun rises so that he will burn to death. It comes to light that Raphael has been using this girl as a test subject to try and figure out any details he can about Simon’s ability to walk in the day. Driven by revenge, she waits for the sun to rise to watch the one who resurrected her be burned to a crisp. Izzy and Clary have been trying to track the mundane that the rogue vampire took and find him. But to their surprise, he is no longer human but rather a fledgling vampire hungry for blood.

As the sun creeps up his body inch by inch, Clary and Izzy run up from the basement of the building to find Raphael burning alive. They save him just as the sun is working up his body, but Raphael remains mum on being the killer’s sire. Izzy sees right through his lies and confronts him right as he is trying to cover up his tracks. She agrees to not turn him into the Clave but forces him to leave the city instead.

Do you think Jace knows a little more than he may be letting on? Do you think Raphael will leave the city? Was Izzy too harsh on him? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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