For a group of superheroes, Team Flash is remarkably unable to avoid ghastly mistakes. The episode “Lose Yourself” is a prime example of this: Just about everyone (except Joe, of course) on The Flash screws up, and the consequences are dire. But which character makes the most mistakes?


Sadly, Ralph is no more, with DeVoe taking over the body and powers of the Elongated Man. There may be others to blame in Ralph’s eventual, heroic downfall, but he stumbles quite a bit on his own as well.

Barry is probably right about how heroes should never kill the bad guys, but you cannot argue that Ralph has a shot to end DeVoe in “Lose Yourself.” Thanks to Barry’s tutelage, he does not take it. Instead, Ralph disables the supervillain and slaps metahuman cuffs on him. When those cuffs are not locked correctly, however, DeVoe gets the chance to defeat all of Team Flash.

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Where is Harry during Ralph’s downfall? His absence is due to a whole series of screw-ups for The Flash‘s resident mad scientist. Having added dark matter to his Thinking Cap design, Harry starts out the episode in something of a manic state. Joe notices what is going on, fortunately, and talks Harry down after Wells loses it on Cisco.

Alas, realizing his own behavior does not stop Harry from going all-out with the dark matter later. In doing so, Harry gives DeVoe the final key to bring about whatever the Enlightenment is. Oops.

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In the long run, Barry’s no-killing rule is most likely a good thing. In the short run, however, Barry’s ideals are a major factor in dooming Ralph.

Team Flash

When exactly will the members of Team Flash realize that outthinking the Thinker is never, ever going to work? The man is literally the smartest human to ever live, but Barry and company just keep trying to be clever in their attempts to beat DeVoe.

For “Lose Yourself,” the results of this screwed-up behavior include Ralph’s defeat, Caitlin losing her Killer Frost powers, Harry’s fried brain, hippie Edwin ascending to a higher plane, Iris’ stab wound and DeVoe getting the last piece to his sinister puzzle.


One might be tempted to blame Joe for giving back the Thinking Cap to Harry. But Joe is the only one who even notices Harry’s rapidly spiraling behavior, so Detective West gets a pass here. Joe also singlehandedly defeats the Samuroid, making all other transgressions moot.

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