In this episode of Shadowhunters, titled “Stronger Than Heaven,” Clary turns to Luke for help in trying to help Jace’s blackout. Elsewhere, Jace decides to help Simon learn more about his mysterious mark, as Alec and Magnus realize the mortality of their love.

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Clary Summons an Angel

Lilith, after knocking on Magnus’ door, asks Magnus for his help in creating an anti-love potion to use against Jace and Clary. However, for the elixir to work, Lilith must get her hands on a piece of Clary’s soul as the final piece of the puzzle. At the other end of the scenario, Jace confides in Clary that he has been exploring the option of turning to the silent brothers for help with his memory blackouts. Clary turns to Luke to locate his iron sister in hopes that she could be the one to help Jace — and fast. They want her to try and track down Ithuriel, the angel whose blood runs through both Jace and Clary, by using Clary as a summoner, a feat never undertaken by a Shadowhunter before.  

Clary is successful in beckoning the angel, and he tries to warn her of Lilith, who arrives in demonic form and kills Ithuriel by ripping out his heart. While Clary stares up in fear, Lilith makes away with a piece of her soul. In her absence, Jace calls Clary to let her know that he has decided to go to the iron brothers but not before Lilith finds him. With his back turned, she spikes his drink with the anti-love potion, effectively erasing Jace’s love for Clary.

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Simon Moves Out as Alec Tries to Move In

Alec expresses his interest in moving in with Magnus, and he not-so-subtly is let down. While left alone in Magnus’ house, Alec stumbles upon a keepsake box of Magnus’ filled with mementos of ex-lovers. When brooding over Magnus’ secret, a Shadowhunter takes the time to thank Alec for paving the way for other gay Shadowhunters like him. Alec tries to confess, but Magnus already knows and lets Alec know that that box is full of tokens of all his lovers who have passed. Circling back to moving in, Alec and Magnus start to touch upon the fact that Magnus is immortal while Alec is, well, not.  

After running into him at a bar, Jace takes a special interest in helping Simon discover the truth about the mark on his forehead. When visiting Simon and his new roommate, Jace immediately becomes skeptical of Kyle and his eagerness to help Simon out. When snooping in Kyle’s room, Jace finds a wolfsbane plant, and when Kyle is confronted, his eyes glow green just like a werewolf. Kyle comes clean and tells Simon that he is a part of a group called the Praetor, a secret organization of werewolves who investigate unusual occurrences amongst the downworlders. It turns out he was sent to investigate Simon and his mysterious mark. Undone by the lies, Simon storms out of his new apartment and is tracked down by Jace, who ultimately makes him reconsider.  

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