Some of the action in the Arrow-verse crossover moves to Earth-X in this episode of The Flash, which understandably gets pretty dark, with Oliver, Barry, Sara, Alex, Jax and Stein waking up in a concentration camp there after learning that Kara-X needs Kara’s heart. Back on Earth-1, Thawne has taken over S.T.A.R. Labs for just that.

“Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3” sees the heroes on Earth-X meet some people who are on their side (and introduces The Ray and brings in another version of Leonard Snart) as they try to get home. Meanwhile, Felicity and Iris, the only ones not being held captive in S.T.A.R. Labs, end up in danger trying to help their friends.

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The Heroes Find Allies on Earth-X

Soon after the heroes realize they’re on Earth-X (and the collars they’re wearing are power dampeners, so Barry, Jax and Stein can’t use theirs), they, along with The Ray, face a firing squad under Lance-X’s orders. However, before the soldiers can kill them, a cold blast knocks their guns from their hands. Hello, Leo (aka Leonard Snart, aka Citizen Cold). Once he removes The Ray’s collar, the others see what he can do: light blasts, which take out the Nazis and give them a chance to escape.

Once in Earth-X’s Star City bunker, Oliver, Barry, Sara, Alex, Jax and Stein learn that The Ray is also from Earth-1, which — yes — means he knows how they got there and how they can all get home. The problem? The temporal gateway is in a facility guarded by an army of Nazis. Oh, plus, as Winn-X there informs them, they’re blowing it up.

Alex tries to talk Winn-X (the general of the Freedom Fighters there) out of it, even telling him about her Winn and Kara’s friendship, but he refuses to not take the chance he has to protect his people and his Earth. The Nazis have a doomsday weapon that is powerful enough to affect other worlds, and it has to be eliminated.

With the bit of time they have, Stein apologizes to Jax for not considering his feelings, telling him he’s his family and “a better son than [he] could have ever hoped for,” something time and distance won’t change.

Sara finds Alex looking for a weapon, planning to go to save Kara, even if it means fighting an army on her own. In turn, Sara tells her about losing her sister and how the anger and guilt she felt for not being able to save her took her down a dark path. She protects her team, and Alex is part of it now. She won’t let what happened to her sister happen to Kara.

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Leo tries to appeal to Ray to help the heroes, eventually calling on their feelings for each other. Heroes risk everything for the people they love, like he would for him. It works, and they talk Winn into giving them an hour. However, when Barry does recon of the facility, he discovers that there are metahuman dampeners. They won’t be able to get to the control room where they are without powers, and it’s not like they blend in there. Oliver has an idea.

Leo drives up to the gate, and Oliver posing as Oliver-X gets them in. Oliver enters the control room, where Lance-X is waiting, and blames his incompetence with the prisoners at the camp for his return. Lance-X asks if they should delay deployment, and Oliver says to go ahead as scheduled. They send an Earth-X version of the Waverider through the breach.

Lance-X then tests Oliver by having Felicity-X brought in for breaking the rules (handing her rations out to children in the work camp) and gives him a gun to execute her. When Oliver turns the gun on him instead, however, Lance-X reveals it’s not loaded. But that doesn’t stop Oliver from taking care of the Nazis in the room, sending Felicity-X off with a gun and turning off the dampener.

However, there’s a major problem on its way to the facility, as Winn-X decided not to wait. He’s sending a weapon, and it’s not a missile. It’s Red Tornado. While the others try to reopen the gateway back to Earth-1, Barry and Ray try to stop the “flying robot.” It’s easier said than done, and it continues on its way to the facility.

At the gateway, the others suit up to fight the Nazis guarding it, but when Stein and Jax split up to get power on at the gateway, Jax ends up pinned down. Stein makes a run for the control, but he’s shot.

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Can Felicity and Iris Save Kara and Stop Thawne on Earth-1?

While Kara-X and Thawne wait for the red sunlight to weaken Kara so Thawne can “crack [her] open like a walnut” and take her heart, Felicity and Iris hide in the vents, planning how to help, with the others on Earth-X. Their first move: get to Cisco in the pipeline, have him turn off all the power and breach them out.

First, they have to take down a couple of Nazis that find them at the pipeline. However, even once that’s done, they can’t get their friends out of the pipeline because they can’t open the door. And they don’t have time to wait for the Legends to receive their SOS. It’s up to Felicity and Iris to save Kara.

Meanwhile, Kara’s stuck listening to her Earth-X counterpart go on about how she should live as a god and should rule over everyone because of who she is. Kara argues that people shouldn’t fear them but rely on them to help. Kara-X then mocks Kara for being alone at the wedding and wonders why she cares if she takes her heart since “you’re not using it.” “At least I have one,” Kara throws back at her.

Just as Thawne’s about to cut open Kara — and she has to be awake, while Kara-X is knocked out for the procedure — Felicity cuts the power. While Thawne’s busy looking for her and Iris, the girls drop into the room where Kara is, knock out the Nazis there and free their friend. However, Metallo’s waiting in the elevator when they try to get Kara outside, and they’re caught.

Thanks to Felicity, however, Thawne can’t turn the power back on, which means he won’t be able to perform the surgery. He pins Felicity to a doorway, threatening her with his vibrating hand and taunting her that in the history books, no one ever mentions her. Kara stops him and tells Felicity to give him the code. She doesn’t want anyone dying for her. Felicity gives him the code, and the power is turned back on.

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