It’s finally here, the annual crossover event that finds Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and DC’ s Legends of Tomorrow all joining forces. This year’s crossover is “Crisis on Earth-X,” which introduces a new alternate universe and evil doppelgangers of many of our heroes.

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This is also a four-part movie, so if you don’t watch all four shows, you may be a little confused. While the first part is allegedly an episode of Supergirl, it’s impossible to tell. There’s some fun Kara moments and a huge milestone for Alex, but “Crisis on Earth-X” is a massive, combined story that mixes elements from all of the shows.

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In part 1, all of the characters are invited to the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West from The Flash. Oliver and Felicity from Arrow are also working on their relationship while Stein and Jax from Legends are busy trying to separate so they will no longer be Firestorm. As for Supergirl, Kara and Alex are both dealing with their own romantic woes, so a wedding is the perfect place for rebound sex and evil doppelgangers.

Welcome to Earth-X

“Crisis on Earth-X” opens in the titular alternate universe, one where Nazis rule the world. A rebel alliance is trying to stop them with a mysterious device that will bring hope to the world, but they are thwarted by Dark Arrow, an evil, Nazi version of Oliver Queen. Dark Arrow kicks things off by killing Earth-X’s version of Guardian (RIP James Olsen-X, maybe you can have a role in next year’s crossover). Also hovering around the Nazi headquarters is Kara-X, aka Overgirl, Supergirl’s evil doppelganger.

You Are Cordially Invited to the Wedding of Barry and Iris

The four different sows are all introduced one at a time in cute little scenes. In Central City, the Flash fights King Shark while Iris talks to him about their wedding the next day. In Star City, the Green Arrow (the original, Oliver version) fights ninjas as Felicity talks to him about attending the nuptials. In 12th century England, the Legends (well, just Sara, Mick, Jax and Stein) battle the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men while debating proper RSVP etiquette.

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And in National City on another Earth, Supergirl fights a Dominator, who she hilariously refers to as “so last year.” After she’s done she returns to her apartment with Alex and the sisters lament their love lives. Alex is still coping with ending her engagement to Maggie while Kara finally got Mon-El back, only to learn that he’s married.

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Instead of wallowing, Kara decides that an interdimensional wedding is the perfect distraction, so she uses the breach device Cisco gave her to attend the big day with Alex as her plus one.

Supergirl: A Rebound for Alex

The Supergirl part of the story involves Alex getting drunk at the rehearsal dinner to cope with the misery of not being at her own wedding. She’s still hurt, but as the saying goes, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Enter Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow.

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Sara, the bisexual, formerly dead League of Assassins member now known as White Canary and captain of the Legends, is just as bad-ass as Alex Danvers. The two become fast friends, going shot for shot at the bar, and before long they’re making out. This is just what Alex needs and she “rebounds” three times in one night, followed by a walk of shame. After her time with the sassy assassin, Alex might be on the road to recovery from Maggie.

Arrow: Wedding Bells for Olicity?

The Arrow part of the story involves Barry and Iris separately questioning Oliver and Felicity about whether they’ll be the next couple to walk down the aisle. At the rehearsal dinner Oliver decides to make his move, sort of, and very awkwardly asks Felicity to marry him. Sadly, her response is not what he wanted. She says “No,” very loudly, babbling on about how she loves Oliver and his son William, but she doesn’t need a piece of paper to prove it. Something tells me there’s more to her refusal because she emphasizes the legal part as being the reason.

Legends: Separating Firestorm

In the Legends of Tomorrow part of the story, Jax and Stein are still trying to separate their bond as Firestorm so Stein can leave the Legends and stay with his wife, daughter and new grandson. Luckily, Cisco and Harry from The Flash used Stein’s work with Newton, Galileo and Marie Curie to create a serum that will permanently split up Firestorm and end their bond, also leaving them both powerless.

The problem is that Stein doesn’t want to leave without making sure Jax still has powers after Firestorm is done. Stein mixes up is own formula that it will give Jax the abilities of a spider (hey, that’s Marvel, not DC). Jax has no interest in being a Spider Man whose only skills is sticking to things, insisting that he can be a Legend even if he doesn’t have any powers.

The Flash: The Allen-West Wedding

While this may be a Supergirl episode, it feels more like The Flash because the wedding of Barry and Iris is at the center of it. Everyone attends and there are a ton of cute moments, like master criminal Mick Rory sitting next to CCPD’s Captain Singh.

An overly eager waitress comes up to Barry and expresses how happy she is to attend this wedding, saying it will be one for the ages. She’s a little dorky and there’s no explanation for this scene, but I suspect she’s important to the much-larger mythology. Comic fans can probably make an educated guess about who she might be.

Iris walk down the aisle as Kara sings” Runnin’ Home to You,” the original song Barry sang when he proposed during last season’s musical crossover. It’s sweet and perfect, until the priest asks if anyone objects and he gets shot by a Nazi.

Heroes vs. Earth-X

The wedding is interrupted by Nazis from Earth-X, which leads to a massive battle. Kara flies off to fight her evil doppelganger, Overgirl. Oliver fights his evil twin, Dark Arrow. The Flash, Kid Flash, Killer Frost, Vibe, Firestorm and Heat Wave all kick some Nazi butt while helping the guests escape safely. The dynamic duo of Alex and Sara split their skirts and go to work, fighting another evil archer, Prometheus-X, the bizarro version of last season’s Arrow villain, and capture him.

The battle winds down when Kara gets the upper hand on Overgirl and knocks her out. Dark Arrow orders everyone to retreat and they disappear through a portal. The heroes return to STAR Labs to regroup, now with a prisoner to interrogate, Prometheus-X. Stein is fascinated by Caitlin’s transformation into Killer Frost, Cisco was knocked unconscious and Barry asks Wally to take Joe and Cecille out of town and keep them safe.

Meanwhile, Overgirl and Dark Arrow meet up with their pal, Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne, back in his old Harrison Wells face). The evil versions of these three discuss that their plans for victory include killing all of the heroes.

How does this crossover stack up against last year’s Dominator battle?

The “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover concludes Tuesday at 8/7c on the CW. Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on the CW. For more updates, follow BuddyTV’s Supergirl Facebook page.

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