Supernatural is no stranger to blurring the lines between good and evil, but in season 13, there’s an unlikely new alliance. Lucifer returned from Apocalypse World, with limited powers, to warn Castiel about the other Michael’s goal of conquering their world. Does this mean Lucifer is now one of the good guys?

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Lucifer’s alliance with Cas to stop Michael and find Jack raises many concerns. Can Lucifer be trusted? Will he betray Cas? We’ve seen this once before, when Lucifer agreed to help take down Amara by possessing Cas, and that resulted in him escaping, impregnating Kelly Kline and ultimately killing Cas.

On the other hand, Supernatural has been known to turn evil foes into allies. Crowley may have been the King of Hell, but he eventually turned out to be a close friend of the Winchesters, even sacrificing himself to try to stop Lucifer. Is the show going that route and turning Lucifer into a potential member of Team Free Will?

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Lucifer is definitely more entertaining than ever, thanks in large part to Mark Pellegrino’s quippy performance. And with Jack in the picture, perhaps fatherhood can soften the Devil and help him find his way to the side of good. With God MIA and a slew of potential villains (Asmodeus and Ketch, Apocalypse World’s Michael, the Cosmic Ruler of the Empty and maybe even Jack), Sam and Dean could sure use a super-powered ally like Lucifer.

The team-up of Cas and Lucifer opens many doors for the show, but whether they’ll stay open or if Lucifer will betray his brother like he always does is yet to be seen.

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Do you want Lucifer to become one of the good guys?

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