Fortunately, The Flash doesn’t wait too long into the season to reveal how there are metas who weren’t in Central City during the particle accelerator explosion, as “Luck Be a Lady” answers just that question when the team faces off against another one of them.

Also in this episode, Joe has to consider selling his house when it begins falling apart, and Harry returns from Earth-2 with a message for Wally, which leads to the speedster making a decision about his future.

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So … About Who’s Responsible for the New Metas…

After only seeing The Thinker at the end of the first two episodes of the season, this one begins with him observing Becky and commenting on her unfortunate life: getting coffee with milk when she’s severely lactose intolerant, catching her boyfriend cheating on her, getting fired and suffering car trouble. And she has a MySpace page, which might be the worst part of her life. She believes she’s jinxed.

But then she gets on a bus with Kilg%re and others, and the bright flash is no surprise. These have to be the people who become metas without being in Central City during the particle accelerator explosion.

Three weeks later, Barry and Iris celebrate some good luck when a couple breaks up, opening up a venue for their wedding. But that’s where the good luck ends for the team.

Instead, it’s all Becky’s. Everyone around her is hit with bad luck as she walks right into a bank vault and out with bags of cash. And when Barry tries to stop her, he slips when a barrel of marbles falls over into his path.

Since Becky’s luck has turned around — she had such bad luck that she’s in the CCPD database for it — when good things happen to her, bad things happen around her. Once the team finds out that she, like Kilg%re, wasn’t in Central City for the particle accelerator explosion but the tech in Barry’s suit detected dark matter on her, they realize there was another dark matter incident. How? Where?

The bad luck continues for the team. Cecile calls in a plumber to check out the squeaky pipes in the West house, and he estimates that it’ll cost them $15,000 for new piping. She suggests that they think about moving instead. Joe says he’ll think about it. (And Joe saying the house is “bitchin'” suggests that Barry’s seemingly nonsensical mutterings in the premiere was the future, right?)

Iris’ wedding dress came in, but Barry runs into the loft and sees her in it. To make matters worse, the venue they just booked burned down and another couple booked their backup. But he assures her that they’ll find a place and he’d marry her anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, Becky runs into her ex at a restaurant, and he too experiences some bad luck as the Thinker and the Mechanic watch. The Mechanic doesn’t think much of her, but the Thinker tells her that Becky may be the most formidable of them all.

When Barry, Cisco and Harry find the site of the dark matter incident, it’s familiar to Barry: it’s where he came out of the speed force. A wave of dark matter came out with him.

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Can the Team End Their Bad Luck?

But is it their bad luck continuing or just the fact that the West house is old (or “vintage,” as Joe calls it) when the ceiling starts leaking? Joe admits that he doesn’t want to sell the house because of the memories he has of Iris and Barry there, but Barry points out that he’ll always have the memories. It doesn’t matter where you live, he learned when he came to live with the Wests. It’s about the people.

When Cisco tracks Becky down at Jitters, Barry tries to talk to her about how overwhelming powers can be, but she just thinks it’s time that others feel how bad she did her entire life. Bad things happen to people who get in her way, she warns him, and he looks around at the waitress carrying a tray of hot coffees on the second floor and the man on a ladder with a nail gun over a woman with a baby.

Since they’re “cursed,” Iris decides that she and Barry should just get married now (when the funeral at the church ends). But then the priest has an allergic reaction to the cinnamon incense.

Cisco names the new meta ‘Hazard,’ and her quantum field begins expanding over and above the city the more she wins at a casino. Joe can’t get into his house when Cecile slips on water on the floor. A goose flies into the engine of a plane, and the pilot calls in a Mayday. The particle accelerator turns back on, and Harry and Cisco can’t shut it down. Barry slips on quarters on the floor of the casino when he sees Becky and accidentally cuffs himself, dampening his own powers. When Joe does get to Cecile, the house starts falling apart around them and they can’t get out.

It’s Harry who comes up with a solution: let the accelerator turn on. When it does, the charge that sweeps over the city negates Hazard’s field. Like Kilg%re, she too ends up in the meta wing of Iron Heights. Heat scans from a satellite three weeks ago show that there were 12 people on the bus that was hit by the dark matter incident, so they know they have 10 to go.

Furthermore, Harry puts the pieces together that everything’s connected, that whoever sent the Samuroid wanted them to create the metas. But what they don’t know is that the Thinker and the Mechanic are watching them through the Samuroid head in S.T.A.R. Labs. And while they may be smarter than he thought since they’re identifying the targets sooner than planned, the Thinker thinks he’s smarter.

On to some good news, just as Joe decides that maybe it is time to sell the house, Cecile has had a change of heart. He told her he couldn’t have asked for a better place to raise his kids, and it made her look at the house with new eyes — especially since she’s pregnant. He just stares at her. Probably not the reaction she was hoping to get.

Time for a Change of Location for a Couple Characters

Wally’s all ready for a date night with Jesse — he has flowers and a stuffed bear — but instead Harry comes through the breach with a Breakup Cube, which is exactly what it sounds like. And when the holographic message shorts out, it’s up to Harry to give Wally Jesse’s “it’s not you, it’s me” speech. They’re both busy on their Earths, and she just needs time to work on her stuff.

But since that’s a horrible way to end a relationship and Wally has so clearly been sidelined since Barry’s return, he heads off to Earth-2 to talk to his ex while everyone else deals with Hazard and no one even seems to remember that he exists. He decides that he too needs to focus on himself, so he’s going to stay with a friend in Blue Valley. Cue the goodbyes and Wally reminding Joe that he’s a speedster, so it’s not like it’ll be hard for him to visit.

As for Harry, things are “complicated” on Earth-2, he shares with Cisco. He spent the summer assembling a team for Jesse, and that team voted him out for being too him and not giving them time for personal bonding. He doesn’t have a home to return to and can’t go back to his own Earth.

So it’s a good thing he has a home on this Earth, as Cisco tells him. He may not have a life, but he can make one here with their help. Harry is here to stay (for now, at least).

Are you sad to see Wally go? Are you happy that Harry’s staying? And what do you think of what we’ve seen of the Thinker so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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