There is a darkness in Riverdale, and “Chapter 15: Nighthawks” was filled with questionable behavior from its residents, whether it was dealing drugs, getting a gun, blackmailing or keeping secrets from family and friends.

Here are 10 shady happenings from “Chapter 15: Nighthawks.”

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Need Drugs? Go to Reggie

Riverdale 202 Reggie.jpgMidge went to him for jingle-jangle for her and Moose, while Archie turned to him for uppers so he could be on high alert until the guy who shot his dad is caught.  

Jughead Proposed Breaking His Dad out of Jail

As he told one of the Serpents, Tall Boy, “the sheriff’s station has worse security than Riverdale High,” so it shouldn’t be hard to break his dad out. Then it would only be a straight shot up Sweetwater River to the Canadian border.

Owing a Serpent Attorney a Favor Likely Means Trouble

Jughead was sent to Penny Peabody, an attorney the Serpents put through college and law school and that worked out of the back of a tattoo parlor (which should say plenty about who she is), to help his father. To make matters worse, after she offered Jughead some advice for his father, she told him, “We’re friends. I do you a favor. One day, maybe, you do me a favor.”

Later, FP called his son and warned him, “Do not contact her again. If she reaches out, don’t respond. You do not want to be in bed with a snake charmer.”

Hermione Told Veronica She Wrote the Letter to Get Her to Testify, Not Hiram

“She did it for us,” Hiram said. “To survive. So we can be a family again.”

Alice Paid the Coroner for Details About a Murder (Again)

This time, it was to find out how Grundy was killed.

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Betty Blackmailed Cheryl into Helping FP

Riverdale 202 Betty.jpgIf she didn’t, Betty would wide-release the video of her father shooting Jason. “Try having closure with that out in the world. … One click, and the darkest chapter of your family’s twisted psychodrama becomes a viral sensation.” But it was just “fun girl talk,” Betty assured Cheryl. After Cheryl agreed, Betty added that she needed the Vixens for Retro Night at Pop’s.

Cheryl Lied in Court

She said she overheard her father talking to FP in his study and threatening Jughead if he didn’t comply.

Betty Used Social Media to Get the Pussycats to Perform at Pop’s

She posted all over social media that they would be doing a free concert since she knew Josie would say no if she asked.

After Veronica Asked Her Parents for “Total Transparency,” She Got the Exact Opposite

Publicly, the Lodges just made a nice donation to Pop’s. But Hiram really bought the diner and told Pop he could stay on as manager in exchange for his silence. “Nice to have you back, Hiram,” Hermione said.

Furthermore, Hiram really did write that letter, not Hermione, and he thanked his wife for saying she did because he knew Veronica would never have forgiven him for that. “Once again, your loyalty knows no bounds,” he told her.

And Hiram has to be behind Smithers’ absence and Andre replacing him as the new doorman, right?

Archie Got a Gun from Dilton

Riverdale 202 Archie.jpg“It’s just for protection,” Archie insisted.

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