During the close of The Flash‘s season 2 premiere, we saw a mysterious man penetrate the highly secure S.T.A.R. Labs. And now after a week-long wait, we finally get the full story on Jay Garrick, who comic fans know is the original Flash and a member of the Justice Society of America, in this episode, “Flash of Two Worlds.”

Set to be the main antagonist in season 2, Garrick arrives with the news that the gang created a breach over Central City that is a portal to his world at the most unfortunate time when he was fighting Zoom — the super speedster villain that wants Barry dead. We also learn that Garrick has been on the earth for six months and without his powers. Let the testing begin!

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Earth 1, Earth 2 to Infinity

Seeing the professor give a run-down of the earths and doppelgangers is great. Joe looks like his head is going to explode. It’s a creative rundown of telling us what we can expect to see this season now that a portal to other earths has been open.

Officer Patty Spivot, who wants to be a part of the meta-human task force, also makes an entrance. Joe isn’t willing to give her a shot at the force — not just yet, anyway. Judging by her persistence, she isn’t going to go away, and let’s hope she doesn’t because later in the episode, we see her and Barry display some entertaining chemistry. 

The Sand Demon

Back on the job after Garrick’s arrival, Barry is called to a fire, but before he goes, he locks up Jay. After he arrives, he’s attacked by something resembling the sandman. This guy is powerful and can move, proving a challenge for Barry.

There’s definitely some competition between the Flashes, so Barry asking Garrick for help is not on his to-do list. Barry’s inability to trust is really beginning to work against him. While the team trusts Garrick, Barry is dead set against using his help. Iris picks up on this and decides a heart to heart might help. The two talk about Barry’s trust issues since Harrison Wells deceived him.

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Lighting + Sand = Glass

When the sand demon knocks Joe out with a sand punch and abducts Patty, Barry is forced to ask Jay for help. Enter a new strategy: Jay teaches Barry that he can use his energy to hurl lighting at the villain. Watching him practice in a warehouse is awesome, as is watching Jay get his helmet back!

Cisco tips the two off about the demon’s whereabouts. The Flashes team up to take down the sand demon, who is surprised to see Garrick. Barry owns his newfound technique, saving the day and Patty from being blown up.

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Cisco and His Hunches

Cisco has been getting a vibe, seeing things he doesn’t want to see. The professor is thrilled, but Cisco is scared. Wells gave him this power and he doesn’t want anyone else to know just yet. And that’s not the only game changer; Cisco and the professor have discovered 52 breaches in the city. But before the gang can discuss the discovery any further, the professor drops to the floor, unconscious.

If this isn’t bad enough, we see Wells alive and devious as he welcomes a group of kids to S.T.A.R. Labs in another world, during another time.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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