Last time on Quantico, Ryan attempted to buy Alex some time to clear her name after the terror attack on New York City. At Quantico training, a very curious analyst trainee named Elias Harper was suspicious of Simon and his fake eye glasses. Caleb also made his return, this time as an analyst trainee since he was kicked out of the agent program.

In this episode, “Cover,” the NATS learn about profiling, and Alex finally gets confirmation of her father’s work for the FBI. This profiling episode looks interesting since everyone is hiding something on Quantico.

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Sink or Swim

At FBI training, the NATS have their hands zip-tied together and jump into a swimming pool. They must work together to escape their ties or sink. Alex and Shelby are partners and are the first to escape. In the locker room, Alex teases Shelby about all the late-night phone calls that she takes in the bathroom. Shelby responds that “money never sleeps” and she is doing business before the London opening bell. Since we saw a snippet of Shelby talking on the phone in a foreign language in the previous episode, I am guessing that she is hiding something major. Nimah is harboring a grudge against Nathalie, since her pool exercise partner almost caused her to fail the test.

Ryan notices that Elias keeps glancing at Simon in the men’s locker room, and Simon isn’t thrilled that he has become Elias’ pet project.

Liam gives Alex all of the information about her father’s work with the FBI. Liam warns her that she may not be happy about what she reads, but Alex insists that she needs to know what kind of man her father truly was. Ryan is skulking around in the shadows (as every undercover agent should) and witnesses their exchange.

Profiles in Anger

In the classroom, Assistant Director Miranda Shaw is showing old photographs of the NATS, like Ryan in his Marine Corps uniform and Shelby in her debutante dress. The NATS are about to explore the psychology of what drives someone or leads them to commit a crime. When the trainees applied to the FBI, detailed psychological profiles were constructed of each candidate. Now the NATS and analysts have to prepare profiles of each other. 

Miranda is impressed with the results of the profiles. I have a feeling that the trainees may not feel the same way when they see how someone else has profiled them. The trainees are insulted by the profiles, and Obi-Wan Miranda fills them in on the real purpose of the exercise. Each trainee will submit the name of three other trainees that they feel are too weak for the program. If the students refuse to submit the names, Miranda will cut 10 trainees from the program. Ouch!

Combat Zone

Next up on the agenda is combat training, which may not have been the best idea after reading the profiles. Shelby and Alex are particularly angry at each other. Nathalie even punches Nimah in the face. Back in their room, they argue about Shelby’s secret phone calls and the folder that Alex is hiding. 

Rayna is angry that Nimah is exhibiting average skills and is holding Rayna back from being great. The duo decides to stay, but Nimah 1 punches Nimah 2 in the face so she too will have a black eye.

Simon also has issues with Ryan calling him “creepy,” and they take the discussion out to the hall. Simon notes that Ryan takes long runs in the woods by himself and leaves whenever Alex comes into a room. When Ryan ups the ante and calls Simon a freak, Simon pins him to the wall by his throat. Alex breaks it up and tells the trainees that Miranda wants them to turn on each other. She advises everyone to let Miranda make the call and cut 10 trainees. 

A Costly Error

Simon goes to see Miranda and informs her that the other trainees are not going along with her instructions. He hands her a paper and cryptically says, “It’s for the greater good.” When Simon returns to the dorm, he admits that he voted. Miranda appears and tells the trainees that no class ever really voted and that it was a test of character. While there will be no cuts, Simon is put on supervisory probation.

Shelby and Alex make up and Alex shares about her father being in the FBI. Shelby confides that she found out about secrets her parents were keeping from her after their deaths. She later stops by Caleb’s room and points out that he only said nice things about her in his profile. I think these two could be coupling up soon.

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No Pain, No Gain

Ryan goes outside and runs into Alex. She admits to Ryan that her father was part of the FBI. He was a hero, not the drunk that Alex thought he was. She tells Ryan that she shot her father, and her mother covered for her.

Meanwhile, Miranda goes to visit her son in prison, who is hoping to get parole soon. Nathalie tearfully talks to a man on video chat and begs to see her child. Shelby transfers a ton of money to another account. Rayna returns to her room and finds a note from Nimah, saying goodbye. 

What Does Sita Know?

Back in present-day New York at the Emergency Command Center, Assistant Director Liam O’Connor wants to know where Alex Parrish is, and he isn’t pleased that he has no answers. Ryan and Nathalie run into each other and seem polite. Liam meets with a very unhappy Executive Assistant Director, who isn’t shy about pointing out that Liam trained Alex and worked with Miranda, who helped her escape. Liam has one lead that he hopes will pan out: Alex’s mother.

Alex’s mother sits stone-faced as Nathalie tells her that her daughter murdered at least 118 people. Liam sends everyone out of the room, and Sita asks him if everyone knows about him and her husband. Liam tries to persuade Sita that they need to locate Alex before she hurts anyone else. Sita retorts that she hasn’t spoken to Alex since she graduated from Quantico and doesn’t even know her daughter anymore.

Liam tells Sita he knows that Alex shot her father and that maybe the guilt caused her to change. Sita whispers to Liam that she was also protecting him, and she never told anyone what Liam and her husband, Michael, did. Liam hastily calls for her to be taken away. 

Miranda sees Sita being led to the ladies’ room and pretends to need a bathroom break. Miranda holds the door closed and tells Sita that Alex is innocent. Sita recognizes Miranda as the agent whose son did something bad. I wonder what he did wrong.

Help From a Friend

Alex turns to Simon for help. She tells him that if they don’t find out who really bombed Grand Central Station, they could go after other targets. Simon states that Ryan called and asked him to help Alex. Alex responds that she doesn’t trust Simon but realizes that she has no choice. Simon, who was kicked out of Quantico, doesn’t see why Alex needs his help. After all, he works for a tech startup company. Alex lets Simon know that she was always on his side, even when he was kicked out of training. She gives him the wire and C-4 that she recovered from her apartment. 

Simon confirms that the C-4 could be from Britain, America or Iran. Simon’s employer gives him access to some secure databases. Alex is relieved that Simon may be able to help find some answers. They go to Simon’s company, where they are alone. He has lots of handy dandy high-tech toys and checks the fingerprints from Alex’s apartment. It is Alex’s print, but it is missing the scar on her finger from the pool exercise. The last time that Alex was fingerprinted was when she received her identification credentials at Quantico. Simon and Alex realize that the person who framed Alex started the process when she first went to Quantico.

Ring the Alarm

Simon discovers that the C-4 is useless and was placed there solely to set up Alex. On the other hand, the wire is the only actual piece of real evidence, and it looks like it may be from government sources. While searching a military database, a siren sounds. Alex pulls her gun on Simon, who grins and states that Alex “gave him no choice.” He signaled the alarm and video and explains that the only way that he can help her is if it is under duress. Simon tells Alex how to leave the building without being seen and urges her to make it look like he really was under duress. Alex pistol whips him and runs.

The video of Alex attacking Simon is shown to Sita, and she explains that after her husband died, she sent Alex to live in India for 10 years. Her exact whereabouts were only known for nine years. Sita gives a press conference and basically throws her daughter under the bus. Sita begs Alex to turn herself in. 

Simon meets up with Alex again at his house, where she is posting pictures of all the trainees that started Quantico with her. She tells Simon that she trusts him. Simon gets a phone call from his boss and takes it in the other room. It is the Executive Assistant Director, who tells Agent Asher to proceed slowly.

Quantico is blowing my mind right now! The twists and turns are unbelievable. I can’t wait to see what we uncover next time.

Quantico airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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