The team may not be able to figure out a way to prove Barry’s innocence (yet), but his friends can still help him in this episode of The Flash — by proving that Big Sir did not commit the murder that landed him in prison. But will Barry’s attempt to help his fellow inmate get him noticed by the wrong person?

As the team soon realizes, their investigation into Big Sir’s case and the latest meta threat in Central City are connected in “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,” but after a run-in with the meta, the lives of two team members are at risk.

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Also, thanks to latent dark matter in Cecile’s brain, her pregnancy has triggered her ability to read minds (until she gives birth), something that Joe has problems with, though she’s loving it. They’re having a girl! She can read Joe’s mind! That guy’s cheating. That woman’s stealing staplers. The therapist is making a grocery list during their session.

Off Iris’ suggestion that she find out how Joe is feeling rather than what he’s thinking, Cecile forces him to talk to her, and he admits that he doesn’t like feeling vulnerable that she can hear his scared, dumb thoughts. To make him feel better, she blurts out all her scared and dumb thoughts and promises that nothing he ever thinks will change her opinion of him.

It’s Just Another Day in Central City

Moments after the new mayor unveils Kord Industries’ newest R&D facility, secure even against metas, it seemingly disappears. (What actually happens is a meta shrinks it and pockets it.) “I hate this city,” the mayor declares, probably saying what most residents of Central City and Star City think on a daily basis.

Just as Joe and Cisco get on this case, watching as the meta seemingly pulls a car out of nowhere on ATM security camera footage, Barry calls to ask a favor: get Big Sir out of prison.

As Barry has learned, Big Sir allegedly shot and killed a security guard while trying to steal from Mercury Labs, but his fellow inmate insists he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was another guy, his size and his frame, and he was just trying to save the guard. Everyone took one look at him and decided he was the killer.

Even though they have a lot on their plate and Harry really wants everyone to focus on getting Barry out of jail, Earth-2’s Wells is the one who also says they have to take it since it’s the one request Barry’s made since being incarcerated. And it just so happens that the guy they suspect to be their meta, Sylbert Rundin, looked similar enough to Big Sir 15 years ago.

Rundin turns one of his figurines into a full-sized blast gun and escapes out his window, and Cisco breaches himself, Joe and Ralph into the alley to try to catch him. However, Rundin then shrinks Cisco and Ralph, leaving them with “bigger problems” than the meta getting away.

Their meta powers are no help — Ralph hurts his back trying to stretch to normal size and Cisco breaches himself into a mug — and though a call to Felicity helps the tea figure out the meta’s powers (it involves dwarf star alloy, similar to what Ray uses in his suit), they have no idea how to get them back to normal size. In fact, Harry’s first attempt, tweaking Cisco’s bazooka, actually causes their cells to start exploding, destabilizing them on an atomic level and giving them only 10 hours until complete cellular explosion.

Meanwhile, Barry tries to get Big Sir’s spirits up by telling him his friends have agreed to help with his case, and if anyone can prove he’s innocent, they can. But hope is the most dangerous thing in prison, the inmate warns him, and he even tells Barry to tell his friends to stop wasting their time.

His attitude changes, however, when Barry tells him that his friends found the guy (though they haven’t gotten him yet), and his father got to go home 17 years after he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit because the real killer confessed. He even goes so far as to promise that Big Sir will get out of there and has the other inmate start thinking about his plans for when he does.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed…

However, after Cecile requests Big Sir’s files, the warden pulls Barry aside to tell him the story of an inmate who tried to help another prisoner, only to be stabbed to death when he was unsuccessful. Everyone in there is a monster, the warden says.

Cisco offers Harry a small pep talk when Wells starts going on about how he failed because he’s too stupid to help Barry’s friend, to fix him and Ralph, to stop DeVoe, and it’s during that that Harry realizes how Rundin’s powers work and that they need to put Cisco and Ralph in the path of his energy blast to get them back to normal size.

Accomplishing that is easier said than done, and it involves Iris, Harry and the miniaturized Cisco and Ralph getting out of the way of Rundin’s arsenal of cars and a helicopter, but in the end, all it takes is Rundin thinking he’s about to shrink Harry, only for his blast to hit Cisco and Ralph (who breached into Wells’ pocket).

However, once in police custody, Rundin refuses to confess, even after he’s offered every possible deal. Barry thinks he let Big Sir down, but he didn’t, the man insists. He had forgotten what hope felt like and it’s not a bad thing. Still, Barry refuses to let Big Sir sit in that cell when he’s innocent and, once he sees the camera in front of his cell pointing away, he speeds the other man off to the secluded village in China he wanted to go to once he was out.

But there’s one big problem: the warden installed another camera by Barry’s cell, and he has proof that he’s the Flash. He drugged his snack and, once Barry falls unconscious, has him transported to the meta wing. Once Barry’s in his cell there, the warden calls Amunet, ready to do business. He has a big fish for her.

Is this part of DeVoe’s plan? Is this what he wanted all along? Before the warden relocates Barry, back at S.T.A.R. Labs the team is talking about how there are no coincidences when it comes to DeVoe.

What did you think of Barry whisking Big Sir away to China? Did you think that Barry’s time in prison was going to include time in the meta wing and on Amunet’s radar? And what do you think of Cecile temporarily having powers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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