In an episode packed to the rafters with emotional moments, Grey’s Anatomy’s “Personal Jesus” really made April Kepner do most of the heavy lifting. April had a hand in almost every single case in the latest episode, and in a Grey’s first, every single patient died.

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April’s character has always been a person of faith, and this episode even starts with her narrating the story of Job. Known for his patience through the trials and tragedies, it becomes pretty clear that we’re supposed to connect Job to April, as tragedies keep piling up for her.

A Familiar Face

Not only does her jilted fiance show up (you know, the one she left at the altar to run away with Jackson) but she also has to deliver his wife’s baby. The baby makes it, thank goodness, but the wife dies, leaving April feeling responsible.

An Unjust Death

April then helps with a little boy with gunshot trauma, shot by the police, who dies in the operating room. Although she didn’t assist in the surgery, she’s pretty bummed out by losing another patient.

A Less Sad Death

And then the wife-beater/abuser dies, mostly by his own doing, by the way, but that was the final straw. I mean … yay for all the organ recipients, and definitely yay for Jo and the new fiance, but April takes it hard.

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A Test of Faith

The saddest moment of the episode comes as April is trying to find a way to cope with all of the loss and trauma. It come on the heels of a conversation with a fellow Christian whose faith is being tested as well.

April heads to the chapel, where she runs into the ex-fiance, and sits to pray. It’s devastating watching April try to collect herself, holding back reluctant sobs, trying to process everything that’s happened.

Watching April fall apart on the church pew was terrible, and the absolute worst moment of the episode. To see one of the most optimistic and upbeat characters so broken and undone was really moving. I don’t like to see April get so dark, especially when her decision making skills are so affected.

What do you think this means for the character? Are we about to meet Dark April?

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