Supergirl has (wisely) been delving heavily into the Reign storyline lately. In this episode, titled “For Good,” Supergirl takes a new direction, not necessarily a lighter episode but a very interesting one. Aliens of all kinds are basically out, and Kara barely even suits up. In their place, the conflict between Lena Luthor and Morgan Edge takes center stage, with a return from a great villain of Supergirl past.

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The Sisterhood of Traveling Identities

There is a slight bit of Reign in the episode. More accurately, Alex fulfills her promise to Sam and tries to help her find out what’s going on with her missing memories. Alex runs an MRI and a blood test, and nothing really comes of it … yet. In fact, Sam’s perfectly healthy except for that whole thing in which she can turn into a super-powered monster. (Although, in indirect but related news, Winn does find the new Worldkiller, Julia.)

The important thing for Supergirl is that Alex convinces Sam that they need to bring Kara and Lena in on their problem. I wouldn’t mind having more of just Alex and Sam working on the problem alone because their friendship is fantastic. Still, the four main ladies working together is fine too. Supergirl might’ve rushed this whole Sam, Kara, Lena and Alex sisterhood, but it’s so heartwarming that it hardly matters. 

A Mother’s Murderous Love 

The friendship between Kara and Lena is particularly important in “For Good.” While the focus is on Lena and Edge’s fierce rivalry, it’s really the relationship with Lena and Kara (and James) that makes the episode work. This is for the best because Edge continues to be a paper-thin and cartoony villain. At least the circumstances surrounding Edge and Lena are rather interesting. 

It all begins with Edge’s car trying to kill him after it’s been hacked. Edge escapes and becomes convinced that Lena Luthor is responsible. He shows up at L-Corp all huffy and melodramatic as usual. Edge is only half right. It’s actually Lillian Luthor who’s behind the attempted murder as retaliation for Edge’s own attacks on Lena. Lena learns this when she herself is poisoned and the killer is murdered by an “invisible bullet” that Lillian developed. 

Lillian’s return to Supergirl is abrupt but rather glorious. She’s one of the best baddies the show has ever created, and Lillian was sort of shoved off to the side in season 2. Lillian informs Lena that she’s back to take out Edge and to convince Lena that it’s time to embrace her own dark side. Lillian tells Lena that she could be even more threatening than Lex because she’s not only vicious but also fiendishly smart. Lena doesn’t like Lex’s crippling rage. 

The moment is great, not only because it’s a reminder of how good Brenda Strong is as the terrifying Lillian but also in what it sets up for Lena’s character. Lena believes that Edge was behind the poisoning that led her to find Lillian, but it’s far more likely that Lillian poisoned her own daughter — all in the hopes that Kara would out herself as Supergirl in trying to save Lena’s life. Lillian told Kara back in season 2 that once Lena finds out Kara’s identity, she’ll take it as a personal betrayal — a betrayal that might shift Lena’s character. This moment between mother and daughter seems to confirm that Lena is one bad day away from a villainous tailspin.

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How to Save a Murderer

However, for the moment, Lena keeps on the side of the angels. She tells Kara about Lillian’s return. They hatch a plan to make Edge confess to trying to kill Lena and to save his life in the process. Because Edge is involved in this whole plot, it’s kind of grating; Adrian Pasdar is a great actor, but Edge is such a sneering one-dimensional jerk. Still, Lena and Kara’s plan works, Edge confesses (on recording) and they save his life. Afterwards, though, is when the plot really kicks into high gear.

Lillian suddenly appears, as only supervillains can, and she’s determined to finish the job. She suits up using Lex’s old superpowered suit and takes on both Supergirl and Mon-El. It’s a total CGI spectacle, and the rougher parts of the special effects are covered by near complete darkness, but it’s still awesome to behold. Lillian Luthor was already a great villain, but she should only wear a metal suit that looks it comes out of Power Rangers in future appearances. 

Of course, Kara and Mon-El do manage to defeat Lillian, using some surprising strategic maneuvering from Mon-El. Lillian is carted away to prison, with hints that Lena will visit her in the future. This makes the chances of a dark Lena happening even greater. Though for good measure, Supergirl makes a point to underline the fact that Lena knows that no one in her life (not even James) is a superhero and the only thing keeping her from becoming a killer is her “friends” — friends who lie to her constantly day after day. If Supergirl isn’t setting up an arc with an evil Lena for season 4, Superman isn’t weak to kryptonite. 

What do you think? Is there a chance that Lena could go the way of her brother and mother? What do you want to happen with the character? What did you make of the return of Lillian overall? Are you looking forward to more scenes with the core ladies and their friendship? Will the group ever uncover Reign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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