The Flash has been outed and with that comes a new job for Iris. Her blog has opened doors for her, but will it be enough? BuddyTV spoke with Candice Patton about Iris’ new job, her relationship with Eddie and what Barry’s declaration of love means for them. Read on for edited excerpts from the conversation.

The Flash has gone public due to Captain Cold and Heatwave. Does that change her interest in him at all?

I don’t know if that it changes her interest in him. She’s always been interested. I think it’s a kind of relief for her because everything she’s been saying people are finding to be true. She’s kind of like the original fan of The Flash so I think she’s just excited everyone can see him for themselves.

Iris gets a new job. What will she be doing?

Iris in the comic book she ends up working at Central City Picture News and for the first time we’ll see her get her dream job. She starts working there and quickly finds out her editor is really only interested in her as a means to get stories about The Flash and leverage that relationship she has with him. 

She’s also paired with Mason Bridge, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and he’s less than excited to work with Iris. He thinks she’s just merely a blogger. She’s kind of struggling to proof her worth


Is she willing to take that The Flash is her way into the job? Or does she resent that?

I think in a way she does resent that because knows she’s worth more than that and also there’s things in Central City that she wants to talk about that don’t include The Flash like the underprivileged and impoverished people are things she’s championing and she wants to speak about those things. She’s willing to do a story on The Flash as long as she’s able to cover things that are important to her.

Barry declared his love for Iris. Has that changed the way she looks at him? Does she see him as only  a brother?

Yeah, I think it’s definitely changed. It’s kind of turned her world upside down. I know it’s hard for people to believe, but I truly believe that Iris wasn’t aware of those feelings and if she was something that was buried very, very deeply in her subconscious. So Barry confessing his love for Iris kind of  brought that to the surface. 

Those are very real feelings that Iris has to explore and navigate. It’s uncomfortable and new for her. It is going to take time for her to process what it means for Barry to love her and how she really feels about him. She’s never really looked at him in any other way than as a brother.

Do you think she has any inkling even subconsciously that Barry is The Flash?

That’s a tough question. It’s interesting in how I chose to play Iris. I think– what’s the saying? The best place to hide something is in plain sight. Sometimes the people around us are where we’re least likely to look even though it’s right under our nose. 

I don’t know. I think it hasn’t dawned on Iris that it could be Barry. Things are definitely suspicious with him and he’s different. Things aren’t adding up and she’s putting things together, but I don’t think she’s put together that he’s The Flash yet. I of course think she will. She’s smart. When you love someone and trust someone you believe them at their word. She has no reason to think otherwise until he says he is.

Iris and Eddie have moved in together. Will it be smooth sailing or do they have new challenges in their relationship now due to their living arrangements?

This is the first time Iris has lived with someone other than her father or Barry so it’s definitely a life change for her and she’s going to have to learn to live with him. There will definitely come some conflict. For the most part, Iris and Eddie are getting along fine.  It’s the natural step in their relationship to move in with each other.

Is Eddie her true love?

For me personally, I think there are different types of love. I think that’s something Iris is learning and that love can evolve. Her love with Eddie is very real and very honest. Our relationship happened naturally  and it’s very honest and truthful. 

Is Eddie her soul mate? I don’t know. As of now, he’s a good man and he treats her well and he does everything he can to be the best boyfriend he can be for her. Iris loves him and that’s all that she can do. Love him for the man that he is and he’s a great man.

What’s the biggest story for Iris over the next few episodes?

It’s definitely going to be her realization that Barry loves her and how she actually feels about that. I think she starts to process what that really means and how she really feels. 

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