Ready for Jerry Tyson to return? Ready to see Dr. Kelly Nieman again? They’re both back in Castle 714, “Resurrection,” airing February 9, and that’s just part 1 of a two-part episode.

From ABC: “When clues in a murder implicate Castle and Beckett’s nemesis, Dr. Kelly Nieman (guest star Annie Wersching), Castle is called in to consult on the case. But as the team delves deeper into the investigation, they uncover connections to notorious serial killer Jerry Tyson (guest star Michael Mosley).”

#23 Dr. Nieman Talking to Castle and Beckett

#22 What’s in Those Photos?

#21 Guest Star Annie Wersching Is Back as Dr. Kelly Nieman

#20 Will Castle and Beckett Get Answers from Dr. Nieman?

#19 Castle and Beckett

#18 Waiting (Im)patiently for Answers?

#17 Captain Gates Watching What’s Going on in an Interrogation Room

#16 Esposito

#15 Gates

#14 Ryan

#13 Gates Is Watching

#12 Before the Interrogation?

#11 Guest Star Michael Mosley as Jerry Tyson, aka 3XK

#10 Castle Watching Jerry in Interrogation

#9 Castle

#8 Beckett

#7 Castle and Beckett Observing 3XK

#6 Jerry Tyson’s Interrogation

#5 What Does He Have to Say?

#4 Jerry Tyson

#3 Jerry Tyson, Castle and Beckett

#2 What Did 3XK Do Now?

#1 How Long Will This Attitude Last?

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