In the 20th episode of season 3 of The Flash, Barry and Team Flash must track down physicist Tracy Brand, as she could be the key to stopping Savitar. Unfortunately, Killer Frost is also looking for the physicist, and this leads to a confrontation between the team and their now-villainous friend. Things take a turn for the worse when Joe’s love, Cecile, becomes involved in Killer Frost’s plan. Meanwhile, Cisco worries about facing off against his best friend, H.R. makes a possible love connection, and Savitar’s identity is finally revealed. Take a look back at the most memorable moments from episode 20, “I Know Who You Are.”

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Team Flash Vs. Killer Frost

At the start of the episode, Barry tells the team everything he learned about Tracy Brand and the fact that she will invent the technology to trap Savitar in the speed force, albeit not until four years from now. Barry and the team track Tracy down, but she is not the future Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist they were hoping for. Instead, she is a down-on-her-luck grad student who is ready to throw in the towel on her research after one too many failures. Killer Frost arrives and interrupts the team’s attempt to pep-talk Tracy into continuing her work, but they manage to get Tracy to safety while Killer Frost escapes.

Joe and Barry try to convince Tracy to stick around after the attack, but she brushes off their concern because she thinks the attack was random. Later, H.R. meets up with Tracy, and with Cisco’s help, he manages to capture her attention. During their flirtatious conversation, H.R. gets Tracy to talk about her theories related to the speed force, but Killer Frost shows up again, intent on killing Tracy. The others get Tracy out of harm’s way while Barry and Cisco prepare to battle Killer Frost. As Killer Frost puts on an impressive display of her ice powers, Barry chases after her in order to direct her on a path toward Cisco. Alas, when it comes time for Cisco to use his powers to knock her out, Cisco freezes and Killer Frost escapes yet again.

Cisco Is Having Doubts About His Powers

After Cisco fails to take Killer Frost down, not once but twice, Julian confronts him about why he’s been unable to act in the field. Cisco eventually admits that his failure to use his powers is due to his fear of killing his best friend. Cisco is worried that if he has to stop Killer Frost from hurting a member of Team Flash, he won’t be able to control his powers and he’ll end up killing her. If it comes down to it, Cisco would rather die at Killer Frost’s hands than take his best friend’s life.

Later on, Julian says that he knows Cisco can control his powers because they come from a place of goodness and love. He also says that if Cisco can use his powers to stop Killer Frost, he thinks they can save her.

Killer Frost Takes Cecile Hostage

Early in the episode, Joe and Cecile are training for a marathon and enjoying each other’s company. Joe is shocked when Cecile says those three magic words, but he is saved from the awkward moment when he is called into S.T.A.R. Labs. Later, a conversation with Barry allows Joe to realize that he is having doubts about his relationship with Cecile due to his guilt over constantly lying to her about the craziness in his life. Barry thinks Joe should tell Cecile the truth because, if he loves her, he will have to fill her in eventually.

That night, Cecile comes by to see Joe and she asks if his strange behavior is related to her love confession. Joe explains that there are things in his life that are very complicated, and if she were to become involved in that part of his life, it would change things forever. Alas, instead of taking this step forward and telling Cecile the truth, Joe thinks they should stop seeing each other. Killer Frost then arrives and takes Cecile hostage. Unless Team Flash hands Tracy over to her, she will kill Cecile.

Barry quickly comes up with a plan to protect Tracy and save Cecile. Alas, when the team tries to enact Barry’s plan, Killer Frost already knows all their moves, including the exact words Barry will use to try to get through to her. It turns out that Savitar told her exactly what Team Flash was planning. Killer Frost uses her powers to take Barry out of the equation, but then Cisco faces off with her so Joe can get both Tracy and Cecile to safety. Despite his fear of killing his friend, Cisco is able to use his powers against Killer Frost without hurting her. Once she’s down, Cisco takes a sample of her blood in the hopes that Team Flash can create a cure for her. Alas, Savitar then shows up to whisk his new partner away before Team Flash can bring her in.

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Tracy Comes up with a Way to Stop Savitar

After Killer Frost’s second attack, the team brings Tracy back to S.T.A.R. Labs where they explain that Killer Frost is after her because of the technology she develops in the future. Tracy freaks out and leaves after the team tells her that if she cannot develop this tech in the present, someone they love will die. H.R. figures out where Tracy has fled to and he shows up to give her a pep talk. Tracy opens up to H.R. about her fear of not being able to live up to her accomplished, award-winning future self, but H.R.’s belief in her gives her a big boost of confidence.

After Tracy gets first-hand experience with Savitar, she comes up with the theory that Savitar needs his suit to counter-act the charge he builds up from traveling so fast. She thinks they might be able to create a device to harness that power and use his own velocity against him to trap him in the speed force. H.R., for his part, is just happy that Tracy will be sticking around for a while to work with Team Flash.

Joe and Cecile Work Things Out

Once the danger with Killer Frost has passed, Joe and Cecile have a much-needed conversation. Joe explains that he thought he was protecting Cecile by pushing her away, but he is done with that now. Not only does Joe tell Cecile that he loves her, he also takes off his wedding ring and promises that there will be no more secrets between them from here on out. When Joe goes home that night, he lets his family know that he told Cecile everything, including the fact that he has two speedster sons.

Savitar’s Identity Is Revealed

As the episode begins, Barry faces off with Savitar and tells the villain that he knows his identity. The episode then flashes back to reveal how Barry made this discovery. As the episode comes to an end, Barry puts all of the pieces together and realizes that the villain he’s been seeking all this time is actually a future version of himself. We then see a scarred future Barry Allen step out of Savitar’s armor. Is this the Barry who disappeared in 2024 to chase Reverse Flash into the past or is he from another point in Barry’s timeline? What happened to this future version of Barry that led to him becoming Savitar? How will Barry deal with Savitar now that he knows the villain is a future version of himself?

And if future Barry is Savitar, why did he refer to Killer Frost as “my child?” Given Killer Frost’s distrust of present-day Barry, why would she agree to team up with future Barry? And why would any version of Barry Allen want to kill Iris West, aka the love of his life? These are only a few of the questions I have after this reveal.

What was your favorite moment from this episode of The Flash? Given how many hints the show has given us in previous episodes, did future Barry being revealed as Savitar seem way too predictable? Were you hoping someone else would be under that suit? Did the reveal change your opinion on the Savitar storyline or is it too little, too late? Do you think the team can come up with a cure for Caitlin? Are you hoping they can bring the real Caitlin back or do you prefer her as Killer Frost? Are you glad Cecile is now in the know about all things Flash-related? Were you disappointed that Wally missed out on all of the action because he was off visiting Jesse on Earth-3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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