Happy birthday, Sam Winchester. On Supernatural, Dean’s brother was born on May 2, 1983, making him 34-years-old (which is actually 10 months younger than Jared Padalecki).

Our Favorite Dean GIFs in Honor of His Birthday>>>

Sam has been through a lot ever since his mom was burned alive on the ceiling when he was an infant. He tried running away from the family business, but always came back. He’s died, been possessed by Lucifer and stuck in the Cage, returned without his soul, got possessed by a different angel and almost sacrificed himself to close the Gates of Hell forever.

Supernatural‘s original creator, Eric Kripke, tweeted his birthday thoughts about his character, including tun tidbit that Sam shares a birthday with Kripke’s son, who was born AFTER Sam’s birthday was revealed. And even Jared wished a happy birthday to…himself, I guess.

From the funny to the sexy, here are five great Sam GIFs to celebrate his birthday.

“I Lost My Shoe”

When Sam lost a rabbit’s foot, his luck turned sour leading to this moment of ultimate sad-sackery.


Call me juvenile, but a guy getting hit in the nuts is always funny.

Key and Lock

Sam, pretending to be an actor named Jared Padalecki in a meta alternate universe, proved that acting is hard by trying to explain that, if there is a key, there must also be a lock…for that key.

Working Out

Losing your soul does a body good, as we discovered early in season 6 when soulless Sam was fond of prostitutes and shirtless workouts.

Pec Flex

An old school favorite from season 1, pay close attention to his left pec.

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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