This week’s episode of One Tree Hill is one residents of Honey Grove, Texas have been anticipating for months. Why is this episode special to them? It was shot almost entirely in their town.

Eight high school students from Honey Grove won the “Sunkist Brings One Tree Hill To Your Town” contest. Out of two thousand videos submitted, theirs was chosen, probably because they not only showed that they were enthusiastic about the show, but showed off their town’s potential as a shooting location.

Vicky Christopher, one of the eight, said she credits this with their win. “A lot of people did just themselves and not their towns. They didn’t say anything about their town.”

Logan Sandy, another of the students, said the way they showed off their knowledge and enthusiasm for the show helped, too. The students wore “Team Peyton” and “Team Brooke” T-shirts that they’d made, and “We spelled out ‘OTH’ on the ground with our bodies,” said Logan. “I feel that probably got their attention. And just that we knew so much about the show.”

One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn said that once they saw the town, they knew it was right. “What was amazing was that we came to look at Honey Grove, and there was a town square, there was this big electronic sign and there was a thrift store. They were basically all in the same shot. And it was all right there, so it was kind of karmic in a way.”

The show normally films in Wilmington, North Carolina; the crew moved the entire production, including over eighty people and 15 trucks of equipment, to Honey Grove to shoot this episode in February.

Logan Sandy and Vicky Christopher will appear in this week’s episode of One Tree Hill, along with their fellow winners Hudson Milford, Hannah Milford, Gina Johnson, Crissy Blair, Heather Blair, and Allison Fitzgerald. The episode features a prom at Honey Grove High, which the One Tree Hill characters crash after their car breaks down nearby. As well, they got to hang out with the cast, even inviting some of the stars to their regular One Tree Hill viewing party.

One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton, who plays Peyton Sawyer, said the people of Honey Grove were “really generous, warm and hospitable.”

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Source: Wilmington Star, Star-Telegram
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