Heroes continues to prove itself as a challenging story teller with the episode “String Theory.”  Tonight they went all out in taking risks with the narrative by jumping five years into the future to show us what will happen if our Heroes failed.  As the folks over at LOST have learned, when you start playing with time things can get a bit dicey.  Was Heroes able to take fans on a time trip that did not shatter the continuity of the plot?  I’d say yes. 

“String Theory” begins where “.07%” left off, five years into the future in the now abandoned apartment of murdered prophet Isaac Mendez.  In what used to be Isaac’s studio, Future Hiro has set up an elaborate time line map that he is using to determine exactly where he went wrong in preventing the exploding man.  Seems that event didn’t merely cause devastation on a nuclear scale, it also left the world frightened and paranoid about the newly revealed specials who are now considered terrorists.

It isn’t long before our naïve present day Hiro is captured by Matt and the Haitian who now work for Homeland Security, sending future Hiro and Ando on a journey to round up Peter Petrelli in an attempt to save Hiro and send him back with the knowledge needed to stop Sylar.

The reveal people are going to be talking about for the next week is the fact that although Nathan seems to have become president, it is actually Sylar.  Sylar has taken Candice’s power, which is the ability to mimic anyone’s appearance. Sylar’s agenda is the wholesale slaughter of all specials with his right hand man, Mohinder, in charge of instituting a plan for genocide.

Now, nobody knows that Nathan is Sylar, including us for most of the episode.  When you find out it is him, everything becomes terrifyingly clear.  Sylar’s quest for power knows no limits.

Of course, the good guys prevailed, but do they know enough to avoid this fate, or will be watching the series slowly creeping in this dark and dangerous direction?

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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