On tonight’s return of The Event, the show finally answered one of the big mysteries: Where are Sophia’s people from? Newly-revealed alien Michael Buchanan answered this mystery to his daughter, but unless you have an advanced degree in astronomy, it probably didn’t mean anything to you.

Michael told Leila that he and the rest of his alien friends came from a place humans call NGC 253. It turns out that he knows his astronomy, because such a place really exists.

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NGC 253 is the official designation given to the Sculptor Galaxy, a spiral galaxy located in the constellation Sculptor. It’s part of the Sculptor Group, a collection of galaxies that are among the closest to our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

The Home of Sophia’s People: NGC 253

NGC 253 is approximately 13 million light-years from Earth and is characterized by intense starbursts and its large amounts of dust. It is among the brightest galaxies in the sky and is therefore a popular one for amateur astronomers and stargazers.

But is there life in NGC 253? Of course not (or rather, probably not). Instead, much like what Contact did with Vega, The Event will do with the Sculptor Galaxy. If there really is life elsewhere in the universe, I highly doubt a TV show would point us in the right direction, unless The Event‘s creator is secretly an alien trying to tell us where he’s from.

However, it still answers the question about where the aliens come from on The Event and successfully destroys my theory that Sophia’s people are a race of future humans who traveled back in time. I was convinced that this was right since they mentioned how similar their DNA is to ours, though if that turned out to be the truth, it would have been eerily similar to the loot of the upcoming FOX series Terra Nova. On that show, a group of humans from the distant future travel back to pre-historic times because the Earth becomes uninhabitable in the future.

That’s not the mystery of The Event. Instead, this show is definitely about aliens.

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