If you watched the premiere of NBC’s The Event, you now know what the event is. But what the show will hopefully uncover, and what fans will undoubtedly debate, is the meaning behind it. Surely everyone will have their own theories.

SPOILER WARNING: Don’t read this article before watching the premiere of The Event. Watch it here and then come back. 

As a hijacked airplane came hurtling toward the president, a strange glowing hole opened in the sky and the plane vanished into it, sparing the lives of the people on the ground. If you’ve seen the film Donnie Darko, then, like me, you were probably reminded of the wormholes from the film that opened in the sky.

THEVENT-WHATISIT.jpgThe Event ended with the mysterious Sophia Maguire, leader of the prisoners at the Mount Inostranka facility in Alaska, ominously stating “They saved us.”

Clearly Sophia knows a lot more than she led the president to believe, but who are “they” and what’s with the people at Mount Inostranka?

Theory #1: Who Are “They”?

The first time you hear “They saved us,” your mind should immediately jump to aliens. I know mine did. But if six years of following Lost taught me anything, it’s that, in a mystery TV series, Occam’s Razor does not apply and the simplest answer is never the correct one.

So I don’t think Sophia was referring to aliens when she said “They saved us.” Instead, I’m sticking with the Donnie Darko theme and assuming that time travel is a huge part of The Event and that the wormhole transported the plane to another location in space-time, either the past or the future.

In addition, my theory is that the “they” Sophia spoke of are humans from the future who are able to manipulate wormholes in space-time and who created one at that particular moment in order to save the president.

Theory #2 What is Mount Inostranka?

My time travel theory extends to the residents of Mount Inostranka, and the reason I think Sophia mentions that she didn’t tell the president everything is that she, and the rest of the Mount Inostranka prisoners, are time travelers.

I suspect that, at some point in the future, she and several other people were transported back in time and were found and secured by the government in secret to avoid chaos surrounding the existence of time travel. While it might be a little too simple, I think it’s possible that Sophia was actually a little girl on board the plane that disappeared, and maybe the plane went back in time and its passengers, including Sean Walker, are the Inostranka prisoners.

Of course this could all be my paranoid first theory based solely on my obsessive love for time travel, and I’m sure I’m nowhere close to the right answer. If memory serves, at this point on Lost, I was convinced there were dinosaurs on the Island.

So what’s your theory about the plane disappearing? Who are “they” and what is Mount Inostranka? 

Maybe some answers will be revealed next week. 

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