Though the CW has been struggling mightily in the ratings lately, it looks like they’re going to be loyal to their most popular shows throughout the next season.  Today the network announced early renewals for six of their series, all of which will be returning next fall:  Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Smallville, America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, and Everybody Hates Chris.  Yes, fans of the Winchester brothers, who are always wary that Supernatural is on the verge of cancellation, can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  The network announced that all of these shows are essential to the network’s identity and pull in solid ratings, especially among the important demographic of women 18-34.

In a previous interview we posted with Supernatural writer Sera Gamble, she said that the show’s chances for a fourth season looked very good.  “If this were Vegas and I had $100 in my pocket, I’d put $92 on a Season Four pickup,” she admitted.  “Then spend the other $8 on a strong drink if I’m wrong.”  It looks like she won’t need that drinking money after all.

As for Smallville, now that it will definitely be returning for an eighth season, fans can start to ponder who will be returning.  As we reported previously, the contracts for Michael Rosenbaum, Kristin Kreuk, and Allison Mack are up at the end of the current season.  It’s unknown which of these actors will return, though Rosenbaum previously announced a desire to leave after season 7.

One Tree Hill has already surpassed the runs of similar high-school themed dramas like The O.C., and now it will be heading toward 90210 longevity as it returns for a sixth year.  The ratings have remained solid for the fifth season of the series, with most fans praising the show’s daring four year jump into the future.

The renewal of America’s Next Top Model was a no-brainer, even with the sagging ratings for the current cycle of the series.  As for Gossip Girl, it’s yet to explode in the ratings but is supposedly very popular online. Out of all the new shows the CW premiered at the beginning of the season, it’s easily the one with the most buzz and potential to become a breakout hit.

It looks like fans can expect a lot of familiar faces on the CW next season, but there’s bound to be some new blood too.  The fate of shows like Reaper and Aliens in America still hangs in the balance, presumably so the network can see how new episodes perform over the coming weeks.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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