If there’s anything that the followers of CBS’ Jericho has taught us, it’s that one should never underestimate the power of a loyal fan base.  Keeping that lesson in mind, fans of NBC’s Friday Night Lights are now rallying together to save the struggling football drama, resorting to several creative ways to get the network’s attention.

Fans Eagerly Taking Part in "Save Friday Night Lights" Campaigns

As reported previously, a number of online save-the-show campaigns have been launched for Friday Night Lights, with the most popular ones being savefridaynightlights.tv and bestweekever.tv. The first site is encouraging fans to donate money that will be used to buy mini plastic footballs, which will then be sent to NBC. The second site hosts an online petition, offers Friday Night Lights banner graphics, and — in keeping with their campaign motto, “Keep the Lights On” — asks fans to send light bulbs with the words “Lights On” to the network.

There’s also a separate online petition being made available to fans of Friday Nights Lights.  So far, the site boasts of more than 26,000 web signatures, with the number expected to grow as the petition continues.

As for savefridaynightlights.tv, the site claims that fans have helped to raise more than $11, 400 for over 13,700 footballs. Funds have also been raised for charity and DVDs that will be sent to troops stationed overseas.  The site is now aiming to raise money to purchase 5,000 additional mini footballs, with 15 percent of the cash going to AnySoldier.com, an organization that supports troops overseas who do not receive much mail & support from back home.

On Monday, the site sent the first order of 6,250 mini footballs (pictured above) to NBC.  The following day, it reached halfway through its latest goal, raising more than $2,400 as of 8:24 in the evening.

While fans are exerting their best efforts to save Friday Night Lights, reports are circulating that NBC executives have been negotiating with other networks to provide a new home for the series in an effort to spare the show from cancellation.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: savefridaynightlights.tv, bestweekever.tv, petitiononline.com/savefnl/petition.html, TV Guide
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