The CW announced its revised post-strike schedule today, guaranteeing that big changes are in store for the network as it rolls into midseason.  If you’re a fan of reality television such as America’s Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, or anything involving The Pussycat Dolls, you’re sure to be happy, but if you’re hooked on cult shows like Supernatural or Life is Wild, the news is less promising.  Both shows will be disappearing from the CW after they air the remainder of their original episodes, with no repeats scheduled.

Here is a breakdown of the somewhat confusing new CW lineup:


8-9pm: Gossip Girl (Repeats, beginning January 28)

9-10pm: Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious (Beginning February 18)


8-9pm: Reaper (Reruns beginning January 15)

8-9pm: Beauty and the Geek (Beginning March 11)

9-10pm: One Tree Hill

Wednesdays (Beginning February 20)

8-9pm: America’s Next Top Model

9-10pm: Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious (Encore episodes)


8-9pm: Smallville

9-10pm: Reaper (New episodes, beginning February 28)

Sundays (Beginning February 10)

7-7:30pm: CW Now

7:30-8pm: Everybody Hates Chris (Encore episodes)

8-8:30pm: Everybody Hates Chris (New episodes)

8:30-9pm: Aliens in America

9-9:30pm: Girlfriends (Repeats)

9:30-10pm: The Game (Repeats)

As for the shows that the CW is currently airing, many are nearing the end of their completed episodes.  Due to the writers’ strike it is unknown when more original episodes of these shows will be produced, but here is a list of how many are remaining:

Aliens in America: 7 episodes remaining
Crowned: 4 episodes remaining
Everybody Hates Chris: 12 episodes remaining
Gossip Girl: 1 episode remaining
Life Is Wild: 3 episodes remaining
Reaper: 3 episodes remaining
Smallville: 6 episodes remaining
Supernatural: 4 episodes remaining

While it’s great to have new episodes of shows such as One Tree Hill and America’s Next Top Model, I find it strange that the CW is choosing not to repeat Supernatural.  I can understand not rerunning Life is Wild, since that show is likely on the chopping block, but denying Supernatural more exposure seems to show a lack of faith in the series.  It’s an odd move, especially when the network is showing repeats of other low rated shows such as Reaper.  Maybe they want to build up exposure for one of their newest properties and aren’t as concerned about a show with an already established fanbase.

As for the return of The Pussycat Dolls, I’ll be crossing my fingers that America has the good sense not to tune in to the adventures of “Girlicious.”

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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