This week on The Celebrity Apprentice, with the team of Lisa, Penn and Dayana (Forte) down to three, Clay is moved over to join them for the latest task — create, design and execute a puppet/improv show. Lisa volunteers as project manager for Forte — she says she’s the only one who hasn’t won a task — while Paul bites the bullet for Forte, albeit very reluctantly.

Aubrey Keeps Her Cool, While Lisa Loses It

Aubrey can bash her teammates all she wants, but at the end of the day, she’s still smart because she realizes she needs to take a step back and bite her tongue and be more of a team player. And yeah, even though a part of her is pretending, at least she’s trying. Last week, you could tell she didn’t want to be there. Lisa just doesn’t care about anything or anyone, unfortunately. In the beginning, I did side with her on her views about Dayana — mainly because she was so vocal about it, and I didn’t know any better.

This week reaffirmed that she lost it, blowing up at Dayana for NO reason. First, she doesn’t give Dayana anything to do and relegates her to backstage, and then blows up when Dayana doesn’t back down because she wants to be given something to do.

Clay tries to cool down the fire but doesn’t really try, which later Lisa gets pissed off about. If Lisa has something against you, there’s no middle ground.

Let the Show Begin

Lisa’s team gets WAY more airtime with their puppet show compared to the other team. A sign of things to come? Penn is very good with getting the audience pumped up and participating — as he should be. Unfortunately, Penn gets a little TOO comfortable watching his teammates perform and lets it go on for a little too long, which the judges later point out.

I’m so impressed with Clay’s improv skills. He even changes his voice at one point, and I didn’t even realize it was him! He and Lisa have a lot of chemistry on stage.

On the other side, Teresa is uncomfortably uncomfortable. She falls! Not only that, she’s breaking a lot of the basic improv rules, like never disagreeing with a comment or answering “no” to a question. Teresa does seem to make up for it, though, but mostly because she starts making fun of her own self in the show.

In the Boardroom

Lisa starts getting emotional, which is totally out of left field! She says she doesn’t want to be painted as the villain (too late!) who makes girls cry (too late!) so if she were to lose the task, she wouldn’t bring anyone back. And she’s crying as she’s saying this.

There’s a little backhanded jab, though, when she says because she’s a comedian she wouldn’t bring anyone back, since it’s her field. I mean, she’s been saying that for almost every competition! That she’s the “creative” one and therefore does everything in all the competitions and doesn’t let other people (namely, Dayana) do anything. But, she IS the project manager here.

I’ve noticed whichever side becomes overly emotional is the team that ends up winning. And Lisa’s team does.

Because Paul lost, he opts to bring Teresa and Aubrey back to the boardroom — even though the judges totally praise Aubrey’s hosting skills and point out that the Arsenio puppet could’ve been designed better.

You’re Fired

Lisa says Paul should’ve brought back Arsenio so he’d have his back, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s strategy in the decision of bringing people back to the boardroom, and Paul missed his opportunity.

It seems like Trump agrees — except that Arsenio is the weaker one between himself and Aubrey.

With the way Trump forms his comments and questions, it looks like Paul has dug his own grave. Trump’s firings are mostly fair than not. He expects the people who were criticized to be brought back to the boardroom, and unfortunately, Paul did not. So he’s fired.

Esther Gim
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Esther Gim

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