Whether they’re fighting on Twitter or at the reunion, these Real Housewives really know how to let a feud fester! Here’s what these divas have been up to lately.

Crazy is the New Black
Sarah Winchester, who made her second appearance of the season on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County had some unkind words to say about the hostess of the bowling/champagne party, Heather Dubrow.

“I know it’s their usual routine but it really didn’t help matters much either when Heather and her wife Terry and their four faces were instigating with the whole ‘we are back in high school again’ childish act that they like to put on by making their usual behind the back jabs at whoever is ‘it’ for the night,” she condescendingly wrote in a massive run-on sentence on her Bravo blog.

After again referring to Heather and Terry as members of the “Addams Family,” Sarah quipped at the end of her blog, “I do have one quick question for Heather: will your new restaurant offer valet parking for spaceships or just broomsticks?”

Zing. But Heather had a little response of her own this morning on Twitter after reading Sarah’s blog, “Another delusional rant,” she tweeted. “I tried to HELP her that night!” We’re going to have to side with Heather on this one.

From Hospital to Soap Opera
After spending time in the hospital getting her nose job sinus operation, Alexis Bellino of RHOC is heading to the set of General Hospital. Alexis is rumored to have a recurring role on the daytime soap opera.

“Guess what? I just arrived on set of General Hospital for my first cameo appearance!” Alexis tweeted. “They said they’ll be having me back! Are you kidding?! Oh my gosh! So much fun!”

Now we can only hope that Alexis will remember her lines better than she does on her Fox 5 gig… and that her husband will allow her to do it.

The Wigs Come Off
Can’t wait for the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion after the lackluster season finale? Neither can we! Here’s a preview of the three part reunion show where we FINALLY get to see some NeNe vs. Kim head-to-head action!

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