Are you looking forward to tonight’s episode of The Cape? Looking for something to pass the long, cold hours until you can get your masked-hero fix? Just wanting to catch a glimpse of Mena Suvari being sexy and menacing?

Then you’re in luck. NBC has released a whole series of clips from tonight’s episode of The Cape.

There seem to be four clips in all, cut together in an almost seamless fashion. While kind of confusing, the clips also offer a pretty good look at the basic plotlines of tonight’s episode, “Dice.”

The first clip shows Max and Vince having a philosophical discussion about fate and chance. This seems to frustrate them almost as much as it frustrates the audience (in both brevity and lack of context). Fortunately, Vince soon switches the conversation into an action plan about what he can and cannot do in his fight against Fleming’s corporation.

With a quick fade, we move to the second clip, in which Vince and Orwell seem to be discussing one of those super computers that will probably be taking over the world and killing us all soon. Orwell is concerned that the computer might out Vince as The Cape. That would be bad.

Then, in a shocking entrance, we get our first glimpse of Mena Suvari as Tracy, aka “Dice.” As in she gets to play dice with the universe. It’s entirely possible that Dice is the builder of the evil super computer, although the clip doesn’t quite confirm this. What the video does confirm is that Dice is a) quick, b) unstable and c) ambiguous. She definitely isn’t a good guy, but Dice does seem to be out for Fleming’s blood. Hmmm…

The third clip proves that Dice cleans up nicely, when she wants to wreak havoc in a more sophisticated setting. The lady “assists” Fleming with his craps game, getting the evil mastermind both the roll he needs and a less-desired explosion.

Fleming survives that explosion (as evil villains do), since the man appears in the final clip as well. He and Dice engage in a bit of nefarious flirting at what appears to be an office cocktail party. Tracy/Dice kills the mood though, with her “I’m going to destroy you” comments. Still she almost makes us want that to work out for her.

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Are you excited for Mena Suvari on The Cape? Do you think she has any chance of taking Peter Fleming down? And what is The Cape’s relationship with this obviously deranged woman? Leave a us comment below!

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)

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