The potential Bones spin-off series finally has its star. And that star is… Geoff Stults.

According to TVLine, the central character in the series based on “The Locator” series of books will be played by this lesser-known actor. The character, Walter Sherman, is supposed to be a former military police officer who now makes his living finding things. The idea is that he can locate anything or anyone.

The choice of Stults is especially surprising, considering that the show’s co-star will be Michael Clarke Duncan — a very recognizable actor from films like The Green Mile. Duncan will play Walter Sherman’s partner, Leo.

Geoff Stults is best-known for a recurring role on the drama, 7th Heaven. He played Ben Kinkirk, Lucy Camden’s brother-in-law and a complicating flirtation-interest for Mary Camden. He also appeared as a main series regular on October Road (in 2007 and 2008) and Happy Town (in 2010). With both of those shows canceled, Geoff Stults guest-starred on How I Met Your Mother as Max, Robin’s inadequately-endowed boyfriend.

Stults will first appear in the role of Walter Sherman during the 19th episode of the current season of Bones. In that episode, Booth and Brennan will travel to Florida for a case. There, they will meet Sherman’s character. Although he is more like Brennan in demeanor, Sherman will actually have a past connection with Booth.

With a script written by Bones creator Hart Hanson (at least according to Hanson’s Twitter feed) and an episode set for the spin-off episode, there seems to be a good chance of the “Locator” series actually happening. There are not, however, any details about the potential series beyond the casting.

Can Geoff Stults pull off the leading role of Walter Sherman? Will the strong success of Bones translate into a loyal following for a spin-off series? Considering Bones‘ strong ratings and following during its sixth season — this week’s episode posted the best ratings since season 4 — it looks like the new series could have a shot.

At least the show has its leading men now.

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