The Blacklist is much more than an FBI procedural. While the task force was designed to track down and capture high-level criminals, the intrigue expands to the team members as well. The secrets about Red and Liz’s history have been slowly revealed, but their not the only one’s with unanswered questions.

Check out 15 unanswered questions and mysteries from The Blacklist.

#15 Why did Red’s associate welcome him home as he turned himself in to the FBI?

Associate: “It must be good to be home again, sir.” Red: “Yeah. Well, we’ll see about that.” Red was in the military and up for a promotion when he left. Could have worked for the FBI too?

#14 Why did Red leave his wife and daughter 20 years ago?

Red left a promising military career and became a criminal. Why? What drove him to make the change and leave them behind? And why did he return now after two decades underground?

#13 Why is Red obsessed with Elizabeth Keen?

He would only work with her. Red knew her father, but beyond that their connection is a mystery. Red’s proved that he cares only about himself and Liz. He’s willing to sacrifice himself to protect her.

#12 What did Cooper do in Kuwait that Red’s using as leverage over him?

No clues on this yet.

#11 Who is Elizabeth Keen?

She was adopted as a child by Sam and was in a fire at some point. Beyond that not much is known about her history. What happened to her parents? And why was she adopted by Sam?

#10 How did Liz get the scar on her hand?

It’s important to her. She rubs it for comfort. Red inquired about it, but it wasn’t clear if he knew of its origin or not.

#9 Who is Tom Keen?

Red has taken extreme measures to get Liz to turn on her husband. Red set up for Tom to be stabbed, framed her husband for a murder and with evidence of secret identities. He also made it look like Tom was having an affair. None of those worked. The Apple Man wanted to know who Tom was working for as well and ruled out Red. Who is Tom? Red definitely believes he’s not just a school teacher. “Be careful of your husband,” Red warned Liz with his parting words.

#8 What does the symbol on the box mean?

No clues to this yet.

#7 Who’s the woman from the Stewmaker’s book?

Red removed a picture of a young woman from the Stewmaker’s trophy book dated December 1990. Who is she? And why did Red take the picture.

#6 Who is Lucy Brooks?

Red made a deal to get access to the ViCAP system to look up Lucy Brooks. He got her identification number as payment for a previous deal in “Wujing.” Why is she important? She was born on 7/5/1983. Is Lucy his daughter?

#5 What “truth” did Sam want to tell Liz?

Sam wanted to reveal the truth to Liz, but Red was adamant that he not tell her. Red killed Sam in order to protect the truth.

#4 What happened in this house that made Red want to burn it down?

Was this Red’s family home? He looked at a height chart on the wall and then remembered a young girl running around in the backyard.

#3 Who is Mr. Fitch? And, what evidence does Red have that’s protecting him?

This remains a huge mystery. Does it have to with why Red ran 20 years before? Mr. Finch is extremely nervous about Red’s relationship with the FBI and Liz in particular. The Apple Man was watching Liz for him. And Mr. Fitch attacked the Post Office to remind Red that they could get him no matter where he tried to hide.

#2 Why is Red running?

Red could have returned to the FBI, but he decided to run instead. Why? We’ll have to wait and see where he goes next for a clue about that.

#1 Who’s the mole?

Someone helped Anslo get into the Post Office. It could be anyone at this point other than Liz.

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