The reign of terror for The Black Hood on Riverdale might be over sooner than you think. The newest killer on the teen soap has been terrorizing the citizens of the small town since the season began, all the while keeping his identity a secret. Yet according to Riverdale stars KJ Apa and Madelaine Petsch, The Black Hood will be unmasked very, very soon.

Riverdale Season 2 Has Way Too Much Jughead>>> Apa and Petsch, who play Archie and Cheryl, respectively, sat down to talk about season 2 with Glamour Magazine. When the topic turned to Black Hood, Apa explained that he had already guessed the killer’s identity before being told by the producers and writers. For Petsch, the identity of the killer Black Hood came as a complete surprise but it won’t take long for viewers to get in on the secret. 

“I already knew. I guessed it,” KJ Apa explained. “But everything is very…it’s hard to say.”

“I didn’t guess it. When I read it, it shocked me, but you won’t have to wait much longer,” Madelaine Petsch added. “A couple more episodes and the mystery will be revealed.”

While not 100% confirmed, if taken at face value Petsch’s comments suggest that the reveal of the Black Hood could come as early as Riverdale‘s season 2 winter finale, “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil.” At the very least, though, it means that The Black Hood’s identity will be known, to the audience if no one else, way earlier than the season 1 killer was unveiled. 

This is a huge bombshell that should appropriately (and rightly) shift the course of Riverdale season 2. The Black Hood has already been a more involved character in the narrative of the show than Clifford Blossom, season 1’s murderer, interacting with Betty Cooper over the phone. It’s reasonable then to think that with the reveal Riverdale will be showing much, much more of The Black Hood, in and out of his mask. Or maybe, even more exciting, the entire Black Hood mystery will be wrapped up by midseason to open something new.

If the reveal of The Black Hood is imminent, that also should lend some evidence to theories. If KJ Apa was able to guess the identity of The Black Hood that suggests that the killer is someone who has already been introduced or has been announced to be coming to Riverdale season 2. 

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The trailer for episode 7 (embedded below) drops heavy hints that Sheriff Killer will be the Black Hood. This would certainly explain a lot of things about the Black Hood so far, particularly how he was able to kill the Sugar Man while the latter was behind bars in “Death Proof.” 

However, Keller being the killer (despite the alliteration) just seems a bit too obvious. Not to mention it would take Kevin, one of Riverdale‘s true comic relief characters, down a very dark path. 

This doesn’t mean that killer won’t be related to one of the core characters though. Given Apa and Petsch’s comments the chances are looking better than ever that The Black Hood will somehow be revealed to be Chic Cooper, Betty’s estranged older brother. 

Chic was cast in a recurring role well ahead of season 2’s premiere but he has yet to show up on Riverdale. His arrival should be imminent and it seems just a bit too coincidental that Chic will show up around the exact same time frame that The Black Hood will be unmasked.

But what do you think? Do you have any new theories about The Black Hood? Are you surprised he will be revealed so early? 

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